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Oppo A71

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  • Riaz

This phone is super. Problem free phone..
I bought it in 2018 and there is no complaint at all...
Best one....

  • Anonymous

My sister bought this phone in 2018. Now in 2020, with the Storage nearly collapsing to 1 GB, it just crashes all apps even newly installed ones without clogging cache. And it can only handle the stress for just a straight 1 day. Then problems start to appear. For the past year it was fine. If you are looking for a new phone, do not buy this anymore. Just buy a Huawei Y6 instead.

  • rizki

is there will be upgraded from android 7.7.1 to 8.1 or more? it would be perfect if oppo still care with their old android

  • Anonymous

my oppo A71 doesn't power on

  • bhanwar

call recording option

  • Anonymous

The game acceleration not working it didnt add apps after i reset my phone why pls help

  • Anonymous

Arya gupta, 26 Mar 2019Pls add hide app option in oppo a71One hand option
Split screen

  • Opps

If I save pictures, videos and files on the memory card inserted in this phone all of the pix,vid and files will be corrupted.. And you CAn no longer open those files.

  • Ios

Pao, 30 Oct 2019So i have this phone since December of 2017, in the early d... moreIos

  • Anonymous

Ali, 16 Sep 2018Bro. this is a better phone than new models, It has ofered ... moreThis runs on mediatek....

  • Pao

So i have this phone since December of 2017, in the early days this phone is fantastic but when time pass its getting slower and slower because of the ram. 16 GB is the internal memory but because of the OS of the phone only 9 GB are usable. Apps cant transfer to external Micro SD card.

  • Ikilledea

LEONGsss, 17 Sep 2019Does it has LED notifications?Yes

  • , Mvb

LEONGsss, 17 Sep 2019Does it has LED notifications?No! It doesn't have a led notification. Don't purchase this phone. It's 3gb ram is useless with just 16gb internal memory out of which you only get 3-4gb

Does it has LED notifications?

  • Anonymous

Can't move apps to SD card and can't format SD card to internal. I'm running out of space for my apps and I can't do anything about it

  • Perla pusoy

Anonymous, 08 May 2019you can install chinese theme store and there, you can chan... moreHi how to activate 4G/LTE on this devise

  • Anonymous

Hi from Philippines isnt it LTE ready need to be activated How?

  • Arda

I bought this phone on 2nd Januari 2018, it's been over 1.5 year with me and it still works fine.

  • Anonymous

kix, 04 Jun 2019i cant even chat while on facebook. when I'm typing, it tou... moreme too

  • JJ

call recording is available?