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Oppo A71

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  • Adil Abbasi
  • uZH
  • 10 Sep 2022

i bought this phone in 2017 ... And its sixth year , still going the same , Love this phone , pls suggest me oppo newer version of this type phone .

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    • Anonymous
    • yZw
    • 06 Aug 2022

    This phone is amazing bought it in 2018 and still running efficiently the only 2 demerits of this phone are 16 gb internal storage and 3000 mAh battery but overall this phone is awesome have this phone from 4 years and 5th is running

      • K
      • Krogs57
      • vId
      • 01 Aug 2022

      I bought this phone in 2018 and now its all bugged. Once after a factory reset it asked me to register for e warranty. I pressed cancel and since then i have been registering warranty everyday

        • J
        • Jane
        • 7XY
        • 30 May 2022

        I really love this phone so much it has clear camera front & rear i bought my phone in 2018 and i have it until now but sad to say i need to upgrade phone since it only has 16gb of internal storage and i can't download any apps due to the storage availability... 😥 i don't want to replace this phone but storage is more important for me now i cannot upload or send photos on messenger because it's full storage.. 😥😥

          Wow, I miss these aluminum metal unibody phones, feels so premium. You could put low-end specs into this chassis and it would still feel premium to me.

            • a
            • aru
            • vGc
            • 22 Feb 2022

            bought this in may 2018 and have it till now..best phone ever tbh...it fell off like a thousand times by me but never once anything happened to it..now after so many years the camera has blurred a bit and space is a problem in today's world..somehow if these two problems are fixed i'll probably keep this phone a lifetime with me...it was my best purchase ever made!!

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              • pikatchu
              • XSs
              • 16 Feb 2022

              i love this phone

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                • Anonymous
                • fCA
                • 28 Jan 2022

                Best mobile

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                  • Random oppo user
                  • wYG
                  • 15 Jan 2022

                  I like this phone very much, lasted me 5+ years, and has never broken despite me being possibly the clumsiest person ever. Dropped it too many times to count, and very water resistant. Of course, memory is a problem. But it is very good and it has never failed me, it is the most reliable device I've ever used.

                    This phone lasted me for almost 4 years

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                      • Anonymous
                      • XW7
                      • 20 Nov 2021

                      Anonymous, 03 Dec 2019This runs on mediatek....No

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                        • Udhai
                        • uuR
                        • 09 Nov 2021

                        Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021Very good Super model

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                          • Anonymous
                          • f}v
                          • 28 Sep 2021

                          Very good

                            • S
                            • Sam
                            • uZa
                            • 02 Sep 2021

                            Very good

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                              • Anonymous
                              • y6W
                              • 07 Aug 2021

                              it is advance phone?

                                • F
                                • Fierce
                                • Nu6
                                • 29 Jun 2021

                                my phone crashed and its unable to boot to screen display, asking for location to install from. please, what can be done?

                                  • M
                                  • Morgan
                                  • RxE
                                  • 05 Jun 2021

                                  My Oppo A71 phone ram 3gb, SD card how many GB can use this phone

                                    • J
                                    • Justin
                                    • vaP
                                    • 01 Jun 2021

                                    I have this phone, I think the internal storage is way too small in today's standards, games like genshin impact will easily take a lot of space if you're planning to game on this phone, it's better suited for just basic applications like calling and texting, social media, youtube, browsing. Photos will easily make your phone run out of storage if you're just using the internal storage so make sure to buy an SD card for this.

                                      • B
                                      • Bronco
                                      • KZ8
                                      • 21 Dec 2020

                                      Pao, 30 Oct 2019So i have this phone since December of 2017, in the early d... moreTrue. Those are the worst features of this Oppo

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                                        • Sifat
                                        • 6p}
                                        • 02 Nov 2020

                                        Plzz add game mood