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  • Anonymous

Kingpin, 10 May 2021How do i add my ram please You can add your ram by put out the mainboard and desolder the ram chip from mainboard and resolder the new ram to mainboard

Yeah that is only the theory, the fact is you may break the entire mainboard since all chipset are already soldered into one piece and can't be changed anymore

The solder on the mainboard is very tiny since the mainboard is also small maybe just about a finger size, desoldering the mainboard required very high skill since it already soldered from factory, miss or failure while desoldering and entire mainboard will become trash

Just stick with your phone or buy new if you have more money

  • Anuwar Sha Hap J

I need always on display feature option

  • Jason

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Dont buy redmi or xiaomi phones...there is a big problem on... morexiaomi phones signal issue... i own poco x3 nfc & realme 7...sane network use, same location, most of the time poco x3 nfc no signal bar indicator....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Tara, 08 Apr 2021It's not TFT. It's IPS LCD.no, it's ltps lcd

  • Kingpin

Sadif, 28 Apr 2021Brother install custom rom on this phone and push ur snapdr... moreHow do i add my ram please

  • Kingpin

I've been using this phone and it hasn't disappointed me yet, i do alot of multitasking but I don't like games, the phone is just cool for me, i rather have a phone not hanging but performance cool

Bought this dinamic smartphone last year (2020) , so far I've no regrets coz it has surpassed my expectations with the fact that it multitasks for me effortlessly ! 😋
What people don't know is, for superb performance, you ought to update apps and software of your dear smartphone regularly. Also avoid third party apps that seem suspicious ; better use playstore apps 🥳📱

  • Sadif

Yahia Walid YT , 26 Mar 2021Oppo a92 is officially the worst phone for gaming Playing ... moreBrother install custom rom on this phone and push ur snapdragon 665 to it's max
And you will find out what this phone can do

Lol, 22 Apr 2021Did they tell you that the ram is for gaming?Ram is for multitasking
But ram management of this phone is not so good

  • Lol

Mayer, 19 Jan 20218GB RAM is just a scam! This phone is not for gaming, it wo... moreDid they tell you that the ram is for gaming?

  • Priceless boy

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021Is anyone can help me, why after updating my phone A92 it&#... moreOppo A92 goes off after update simply because it has to install some apps for a good functioning of the phone

  • stakane

Yahia Walid YT, 09 Mar 2021No oppo a92 is the worst phone for gaming I played asphalt... moreplease update to Android 12 this is to much lagging imso fadup now and stressful with these Android to many lagging please fix this

  • Anonymous

Is anyone can help me, why after updating my phone A92 it's always off automatically like yuuh on off. 😭

  • Anonymous

Its no gyroscopic sensor this model only (oppo A92),
Only oppo A52 with gyroscopic must have.

  • NAA

I found that VOOC charging is not as good as other OPPO model.

  • Tara

Yahia Walid YT , 06 Apr 2021Unfortunately Oppo a92 is inherently the less performing an... moreIt's not TFT. It's IPS LCD.

  • Erks

This is the most dissappointing pho e ive evere owned in my life. Comparing how much it cost oppo is bluffing us the customers. Everything about this phone is ugly. Maybe it is good for avwrage to below average smartphone user. But this is very ugly phone not good in gaming, signal is bad, battery is hell.

  • Erks

Carl 000, 06 Apr 2021Is it good for gaming? No it's not

  • Anonymous

Shaan, 19 Jan 2021I have plan for buy Which Phone butter Oppo A92 or Redm... moreDont buy redmi or xiaomi phones...there is a big problem on signal issues using mobile data......they have not corrected it until now from redmi 3 to redmi 10...it really sucks..had 2 redmi phones, its reallly true.....other buyers using eedmi and xiaomi ..complain the same peoblems.....better biy vivo or oppo or realme