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  • Erks

This is the most dissappointing pho e ive evere owned in my life. Comparing how much it cost oppo is bluffing us the customers. Everything about this phone is ugly. Maybe it is good for avwrage to below average smartphone user. But this is very ugly phone not good in gaming, signal is bad, battery is hell.

  • Erks

Carl 000, 06 Apr 2021Is it good for gaming? No it's not

  • Anonymous

Shaan, 19 Jan 2021I have plan for buy Which Phone butter Oppo A92 or Redm... moreDont buy redmi or xiaomi phones...there is a big problem on signal issues using mobile data......they have not corrected it until now from redmi 3 to redmi 10...it really sucks..had 2 redmi phones, its reallly true.....other buyers using eedmi and xiaomi ..complain the same peoblems.....better biy vivo or oppo or realme

  • Carl 000

Is it good for gaming?

  • Yahia Walid YT

Mandy, 05 Feb 2021This phone Oppo A92 sucks! Just bought it in the mall. Acce... moreUnfortunately Oppo a92 is inherently the less performing and the worst phone ever made by Oppo
-Old chip
-Limited GPU processing power
-TFT LCD display
-Comes with the lowest mid-range Snapdragon 6xx series processor
Snapdragon 660,662,636 are much better than Snapdragon 665

  • Froggie

student, 13 Mar 2021hi so I'm looking for a phone that's good for bin... moreYes coloros is nice but VERY bloated, there are so many unnecessary apps you won’t be using. If you want to use a phone for textbooks and things this might be nice (especially if you don’t need a powerful processor) but I’d recommend a Motorola or Nokia since they have stock Android with has basically zero bloat and allows storage to be used more efficiently ^^

  • YT king

Shaan, 19 Jan 2021I have plan for buy Which Phone butter Oppo A92 or Redm... moreYou should buy Poco M2 Pro.

If you are biased for mi or oppo then redmi note 9 pro will be better for you.

  • Ultraman Tiga

Do this camera have Super Slowmotion?

  • Yahia Walid YT

Roberto, 10 Mar 2021Sucks... When playing pubg overheat, call of duty crash. Re... moreOppo a92 is officially the worst phone for gaming
Playing pubg mobile it lags (7fps) and it crashes
Playing Asphalt 9 lags more than pubg (5fps) and crashes also
Fortnite (unsupported game for this phone) (3fps) and that one didn't crash only during the game it gave me a black screen then the wallpaper appeared then the apps appeared and THEN it gave me (unfortunately the process com.android systemui has stopped) error so please stay away from this phone if you are a gamer and the best way to get a mid-range Oppo phone - getting Oppo "A93" instead getting Oppo A92

  • rence

on the new update, it can't mute notifications

  • DimeMainit

I just received the ColorOS 11 update, and, it changed my device a lot, you can personalize your colors of the buttons, and, new improvements.

  • Anonymous

I received this phone as a Christmas gift. For me, it was the best phone I've ever had yet. I was thankful that my SIM card worked, than my old Samsung Galaxy J4 Core. The A92's camera was better than my expectations. It captured pictures sharply, and I love the video stabilization feature it had, which is important to me for making videos/short films. I am also grateful for Oppo's generosity to put 8GB RAM in this phone. I am also happy that this had 5000 mAh battery, which lasted me quite a long time. It was my first time having an 18W charger, that in my opinion, is fast enough. The chipset, well, uhh... Yeah the chipset is already aging and I don't know why they used that processor- in heavy gaming I heard that it has frame drops and lags (I am not into gaming, I use this phone for daily work/entertainment). However when I use it for work, there is no lag and it performs well on regular use. The dual stereo speakers' quality is great. When I play music it makes me feel that I'm in a cinema. In my opinion, this phone was better than my old last phone, which is the Samsung Galaxy J4 Core. For me, everything about the A92 is better than that Samsung phone. The A92's distance from J4 Core's distance is so far away that it could even be a million miles. I would give this phone a 7 out of 10.

  • student

hi so I'm looking for a phone that's good for binge-watching and reading pdf books, I'm not a gamer and not really into gaming so, can u guys recommend this to me or should I just look for other phones?

  • Anonymous

why buy a phone not for gaming you idiots. if you wanted a phone for gaming you should have chosen the right phone for your needs. then all you do is complaint although it is your own lapses.

  • Anonymous

Shaan, 19 Jan 2021I have plan for buy Which Phone butter Oppo A92 or Redm... moreRedmi 9 pro i am using a oppo phone it is not for gaming just if you click more photos then oppo a92 is for you

  • catwoman

I've already check the description details but for NFC, I've not seen a YES for it..All the while is a NO..Samsung hp, they still have NFC

  • Roberto

Shaan, 19 Jan 2021I have plan for buy Which Phone butter Oppo A92 or Redm... moreSucks... When playing pubg overheat, call of duty crash. Regret buying this phone. Old chipset. If you're looking for gaming performance choose redmi note 9 pro

  • Yahia Walid YT

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020is it good for gaming oppo a92?No oppo a92 is the worst phone for gaming
I played asphalt 9 legends and it lagged then directly it CRASHED pung mobile also same and i played fortnite and it gave me 3FPS?!?!!?! WTF is this if you are a gamer stay away from that phone

  • Anonymous

kiki, 24 Feb 2021i bought my OPPO A92 in November. Yesterday the phone sudd... moreFake

  • Lucid kay

Mandy, 05 Feb 2021This phone Oppo A92 sucks! Just bought it in the mall. Acce... moreWhich 3 Samsung phones liar