Oppo A93

Oppo A93

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  • Ahmad

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2020Oppo always joke with customershahaha you are right

  • Reno z2 user

New day new Oppo:)

Looks very unoriginal

  • Oppo outdated

This phone will be a RAM bait (like previous Oppo A9)in Bangladesh😂
In Bangladesh people doesn't care about hardware they literally going to buy this phone bcz of RAM😂

  • Ahsen

Ahmed, 11 Sep 2020Dear OPPO! Please make something different to compete other... moreVery well said Ahmed.
I agree.

  • Anonymous

Oppo always joke with customers

  • Ahmed

Dear OPPO! Please make something different to compete other brands. This OPPO A93 looks like twin of Reno 3 regarding specs. Only the camera orientation changed ang vooc 4.0 while in reno 3, its 3.0 and differ in selfie cam.

  • BlackIron007

Bro it is being said that the Oppo F17 Pro will be rebranded as the Oppo A93 and sold outside India.

Rebirth of Huawei Nova 7i

  • Anonymous


make it 152mm size body

this phone looks

  • AnonD-920712

has similar back design with motorola one.
Only the selfie camera designs are different, but still dual cameras.
The resolutions are also very similar