Oppo A9 (2020)

Oppo A9 (2020)

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Is it inbuilt auto call recording option?

  • Anonymous

Keeps on reminding a 1gb data limit even i have already set it to "don't remind me". How do i stop this?

  • Anonymous

Hello can someone please tell me why my Oppo a9 2020 changed to heytap with Bravo unicorn then to a different coloros and different android, maybe was 9. When I got it it was with colour os I'm sure it wasn't even android 9 coloros 7
. I have now android 10 colorOs 7.1 though it updated it self n without auto update on. Is this the right software and also how do you reset to factory software n totally hardwire it back to New if been hacked into ?
Thanks so much.

i also have the same problem, plus sometimes the screen not response properly.

  • rencar

not dual band

  • Stalkerexl

I experience a problem when cleaning storage. I deleted the two videos I have in the videos cleaner, the two recently deleted videos. But when I come back at storage cleaner the videos are there again in the videos cleaner. Please help me.

  • Mwinga

been using it for like six months now and all over sudden, when called you cant hear the caller and they cant hear you. second time its happening, second time av sent it to oppo repair centre

  • Arul mozhi

I purchased oppo A9 2020 last year 2019 November . Very honest I said this oppo A9 2020 is really Worth of money for to purchase reason 1. Excellent camera .2. Dual stereo speaker system with dolphy Atmos support.3. super battery I fully satisfied till now in July 29.7.2020 Go on bro

  • Anonymous

This phone doesnt have call noise reduction?
I need to activate it.

  • M

Oppo A52 or Oppo A9 (2020)?

  • keopinoy

Shiro, 23 Jul 2020This phone is on sale in my country for around 210 usd(8/12... moreyes it is really a good catch.

  • Shiro

This phone is on sale in my country for around 210 usd(8/128). Is it a good catch?.

  • Anonymous

I've been using this for 8 months now and it's working perfectly for me and my lifestyle. I like the fact that it charged fast and the battery last 1.5-3 days if I don't stream. I also tried watching Netflix for 15 hrs and I don't need to charge in between. Camera is also hi res w/ bokeh effect. I also think that the built was very sturdy because I've dropped this many times but it's still okay. Memory is huge. So far I still have 83 GB unused. I got simulation games and I didn't have any problem. It's a bit pricey though during the time I bought it but it's understandable because it was just newly launched, now the price has dropped reasonably and the specs is still awesome! the satisfaction that I got is all worth it.

  • Aggy

It is type c charging port

overpriced, overrated and over advertised tech trash

  • Aggy

It is not micro usb it is type c charging

  • Nickname

Average phone. Although it's cheap it's still over priced

  • Haarish

a lots of apps are not supporting. for an example 'EHTERAZ' app version 7.0.4 is working.
and EHTERAZ 8.0 is not supporting. which has minimum requirement android 6.0

*EHTERAZ is a covid19 awareness app for Qatar Living ppl

  • Naveed

Zara, 10 Jul 2020After using this phone for 6 months, I can't feel anym... moreYes i am facing the same problem and badly fed up with this... any sollutions?

  • Arv

Gnana Acp, 07 Jul 2020Oppo a9 2020 display is HD+ or normal LCD displayOppo a9 comes with HD+ display.