Oppo A9 (2020)

Oppo A9 (2020)

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  • Zara

After using this phone for 6 months, I can't feel anymore that 5000mAh battery. I'm not a heavy gamer and I rarely use my social media accounts. Every time I use my phone for about 30 minutes, as a maximum, this Oppo a9 2020 heat up and the battery drain faster than usual. That's why I need to charge it after less than 24 hrs, not compare when it was new to me where it took 1 and a half to 2 days before I charge it. Also, I encountered over heating while charging this phone and it took an almost 3 hours before it fully charged. Hope this phone will last to me for its price.

  • Gnana Acp

Oppo a9 2020 display is HD+ or normal LCD display

  • Abdul

I need this mobile

  • Mj

The screen is too bright not good for 8 pool billiard.

GSMArena, 28 Jun 2020innacurate spec sheet, it's usb type c, 1.0 not micro usb! ... moreTrue

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2020M getting problem of heating while charging n using. Charge from a different wall socket with original quality charger and cable

  • Anonymous

M getting problem of heating while charging n using.

  • Anonymous

King, 07 Jun 2020Yes i a similar problem ,some time loud speaker not workin... moreI think the phone is reducing the volume auto when an audio jack is inserted

  • GSMArena

innacurate spec sheet, it's usb type c, 1.0 not micro usb! misleading readers would have unreliable reputation from the site.

I find this phone ok, but I never hear a tone when a WhatsApp Message reach me. Can somebody help here?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2020not good 1the calculator 2.no notification led 3call cont... more
1. The Calculator calculates correctly, what is the issue?
2. There is a setting that turns the screen on when you get a notification, not quite the same but very handy none the less
3. There is a phone directory in the call/phone app itself
4. There is pattern unlock if you go to Fingerprint, Face & Password > Lockscreen password And when you set it up if you click Other Encryption methods, pattern lock is listed and you can set a pattern up
5. The photos are good in some situations, you can also change the MP to use the 45mp camera in the camera settings, but for the price, it is a great camera in my opinion
6. There is no oppo notebook app but you can download on from the app store, I don't feel like its a reason to call the phone not good.

  • Caligos

Why does it have 18W charger when the battery takes just 10W? Or is it different when fast charging? Will be the charging time different if I use 15W fast charger?

  • Anonymous

not good 1the calculator
2.no notification led
3call contact dirict?
4.no pattin lock screen
5.not good pictures
6.not have opo note book

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020Quiet Time. When Google introduced Do Not Disturb (DND) mod... moreI hate this phone many apps doesnt support english language . It doesnt support even OTG card !

No face beauty feature in settings of oppo A9 2020
Where as all other phones hav that features

  • Uma

Oppo A9 doesn't have face beauty feature, it's not worth it

  • Anonymous

Quiet Time. When Google introduced Do Not Disturb (DND) mode it was welcomed with open arms by so many of us. A simple toggle that can be used to turn off most unimportant notifications. OPPO, your implementation, called Quiet Time, is well and truly broken. Some apps, which seem to be non-System apps, are neither silent nor quiet. All apps’ notifications still light up the display if you have that set.Overnight this is a massive annoyance. Get sent a Telegram message and it will beep through and the display will light up (if it notifies you at all). SMS messages (yes some people still use them) will be silent but the display still lights up. Some notifications follow the rules, most do not. This was confirmed with Jason who is currently reviewing the R11s.To say Quiet Mode is a red hot mess is an understatement. OPPO, you need to do something about this. It should be simple. It works perfectly in AOSP. You do not even have to change the AOSP DND, their implementation is still better than ColorOS’. Even the amateur developers on XDA have done a better job implementing it. Stop trying to change things for the sake of changing things. Not all things need to be changed.

  • Shan sahib

Mannir zamfara, 19 Apr 2020Yeah I have being use this phone for almost two weeks,. An... moreYes ofcourse

  • realme

So , 06 Jun 2020Oppo A9 and F 15 which one is better suit for RAM, camera, ... morerealme 5 pro best

  • King

Umer Waris, 09 May 2020Hey ... Am being in use this phone since 3 months ... Almos... moreYes i a similar problem ,some time loud speaker not working on ‘whatsupp voice messages’ then we have to restart the mobile or reset to factory reset (setting only)