Oppo A9 (2020)

Oppo A9 (2020)

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  • james

im still using it and its now 2 years still good and i love it

  • Meliodas

JM, 07 Dec 2020After the updation i accidentally delete some photos... tho... moreUhmm im pretty sure there's a deleted pictures in the photos app(if you deleted pictures there). If you deleted pictures in the file manager, then it's impossible to retrieve it back because it will be deleted in app and in cloud. It has 30-day timer until your temporary deleted pics will be auto permanent deleted

  • Meliodas

Uhmm i have a problem. Ever since i updated my phone to a new version of software, ghost touches slowly appearing whenever i touch the screen slightly. I tried changing screen protector to tempered glass yet it's still the same problem. But if i press harder when it happens, it disappears for a few minutes. Why is this happening to me?

  • CJ

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2020Updated my phone to Android 10. It's getting heated ve... moreIs it really the reason? If it is, I've got the same problem and it makes me super sad :(

  • CJ

Its been exactly 1 year since i bought my phone. My primary problem is that it heats up very fast especially when Im playing games

  • naveed

text messages receive and send problems in my a9 2020

  • Anonymous

I have used for about 8months, very good phone. Long battery life, enough storage, good speed.

  • Javaid

Daos have Allway on Display In Oppo A9 ?

  • Jeff

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Otg support? What's the max limit?It does support.not sure the speed

  • Anku

I am using this set oppo A9 2020. It is very good . Everything is working properly. Gaming experience is too good

  • bazu

Optra, 28 Jan 2021Can somone tell me why when i use the camera i set the cam... moreIt is always like that, even with my Nokia.
But my BB Classic and Samsung S4 can retain the camera resolution choice so I guess it depend.

  • Optra

Can somone tell me why when i use the camera i set the camera setting (photo ratio) on 48 mega pixel , i shut the camera off when i go back to the caméra i find that the photo ratio (quality) goes back to 4.3 mega pixel

  • Sash22

Upa, 10 Dec 2020Does A9 has call recording?Yes

  • Sash22

Aera, 22 Dec 2020My phone is updated to the lastest software update but can ... moreIt happened to me too, am so bored

  • Anonymous

Karlosg89, 13 Dec 2020Best I've ever used. Converted from Apple to this afte... moreThank you! Please tell me more about its camera quality!

  • Anonymous

After i update my oppo a9, why does my a9 is hard to switch on data. Whenever i want to switch on sim1, the data wont open but the sim is open and working. But i really dont know why the data dont open, nor working? Can someone help me pls.

  • Anonymous

Otg support? What's the max limit?

  • Anonymous

Updated my phone to Android 10. It's getting heated very quickly, plus, looses charge quickly.

  • Aera

My phone is updated to the lastest software update but can you bring back the home screen for wallpaper it's kinda annoying to me

Hi confused.com, I used to be a Carphone Warehouse store manager in the UK, and I purchased this phone for a family member when it first come out to which it had Micro USB, even sold many to clients and they had been unpackaged in my branch by myself, its a good spec phone hence im in the market for another one due to the recent price drop however all shopping websites and YouTube reviews show USB Type-C, is this correct?