Oppo A9 (2020)

Oppo A9 (2020)

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  • Anonymous

It has USB type C not micro USB

It's type-C in my place (Indonesia).

  • OppoSecretAgent

Sun Sand, 12 Sep 20196.5" display, Stereo speakers, Dolby atmos, BT 5, 5000 mAhs... moreActually A9 use usb type-c. This spac is wrong

6.5" display, Stereo speakers, Dolby atmos, BT 5, 5000 mAhs battery,,,,but where is USB C.
For goodness sake are Oppo & Vivo totally of their freaking mind!!

  • wasabi

so bad very so bad,battery is good ,but...
720p /665/ 3d gpu sroce:30000 =USD3xx
you can go to buy Snapdragon 855 phone

  • AnonD-798582

Please update for Oppo A5 (2020)

  • Gelo

It uses USB type C not microusb

Why this new phone do not have the VOOC function?

  • Senn Lens

Here are pros and cons about this phone:

-Quad camera
-48mp camera
-great for gaming (if compared to MTK Helio P70 which is available on F11/F11 Pro)
-6.5 inch display (bigger the better)
-big battery (5k mah)
-4K recording
-8GB RAM is more than enough (some countries sell phones at 4GB RAM)
-720p is considered outdated for mid end phones. A lot of phones goes full HD+ instead for mid end phones (including cheap phones already full HD+)
-128GB storage still OK in 2019. But for those who take videos in 4K and take photos at high resolution, you need more storage via micro SD card
-design looks like in 2018 for me

  • Anonymous

F11 is very similar with better screen for 260 euros only

  • Aizaz

720p in a 6.5" screen......oppo shouldn't be calling it a 2020 phone

  • PAUL

mix of realme 5 & 5pro,but worse than both of the phones.

  • Anonymous

Fadli, 10 Sep 2019It clearly says '2020' but still uses MicroUSB 2.0?It already type c

  • Anonymous

Sapphire Blue, 10 Sep 2019163.6mm tall and 20:9 No thanks. its rebranded Realme 5
realme 5 for india
this for china

A9(2020)....Realme 5
16 selfie....13 selfie
48 main.....12 main

reminds me redmi note 7
first time released with 12mp main in india
after a while they release global version for india with putting Redmi Note 7'S' on it

  • Dr

No vooc 3.0

163.6mm tall and 20:9
No thanks.

  • Fadli

It clearly says '2020' but still uses MicroUSB 2.0?

  • Eric Luo

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2019year 2020 but still micro-usb?Nope, now replaced to USB-Type C. 🙂👌👍

  • Wax

Sli2020, 10 Sep 2019It has about the same price tag as the f11, which is better?ill still go with f11 a9 not yet flagship specs.. Plus look at the ppi only 200+ not so good..

  • Sli2020

It has about the same price tag as the f11, which is better?