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  • Cyba Sacker

Goks, 17 Dec 2019How about in gaming does this f11 pro has a gaming assistance li... moreThe phone is very sweet and kul. I love it because of the camera.

  • Goks

How about in gaming does this f11 pro has a gaming assistance like the vivo? And how about the gaming performance of f11 is it smooth and fast in a HD or Ultra HD Quality? Please i need replies because i'm buying this phone within this month or next year january

  • Anonymous

Sushant Sutar, 07 Dec 2019Will OPPO F11 Pro get ColorOS 7 Update?It should get it

  • Sushant Sutar

Will OPPO F11 Pro get ColorOS 7 Update?

  • Sini

Using oppo f11 pro i cant fill the date box such as date of birth date of application for some online application..and cant click ok button for some dialogue boxes while filling applications.no options seeing for this solution

Lynburgh, 16 Nov 2019What is vanilla f11They launched a non-pro F11 in many countries: the same phone with a reduced price and notch instead of popup camera.

  • Lynburgh

XLR8R, 27 Sep 2019I'll give you a good reason to go for the F11 Pro: It is made of... moreWhat is vanilla f11

  • Oppo_user1

Have been using OPPO F11 for 2 months. I disabled all data for system browser (I use Chrome) and most other apps which I am not using actively,including an app called NewsPoint. However, the system browser keeps appearing in locked screen notifications with latest news items for me. Just to check which app is causing it, I enabled data for system browser and clicked the notification. It opened a news item provided by an app named NewsPoint. But I had data disabled for NewsPoint also. With data closed, on clicking the notification browser won't open anything, but the very fact that it is giving notifications with latest news items shows it has data access.

So I am wondering how Browser or NewsPoint is able to get latest news items when their data access is closed. Is the OS still providing data access to NewsPoint and/or system browser through some under the table method!
My problem is not notifications (which I can close easily for browser and NewsPoint) but the fact that an app in my phone is accessing data without my permission.

  • Harshi

I got this mobile for INR 1,810/- with exchange of oppo k1 4gb/64gb as per their previous offer 15,200 and 3,000 extra discount.
flipkart Offer was 20,000. After exchange offer i got at INR 1,810. Im happy for this. I got 6gb 128gb mobile.
Im using this f11 pro last 3months onwards, previous im using k1 and leeco le2, samsung m20. After this f11 pro im Very satisfied with network signal reception and camera also good,in my home network very week and I'm missing lot calls daily, after f11 Pro I'm now some what happy with the mobile, im receiving 85%calls with out any issue. I'm happy because this mobile worked for me to solve signal receipion issue.. really good battery backup. I'm using all day long.
Worth purchase

  • Maimai

Yoshiko, 06 Sep 2019Oppo F11 Pro doesn't support MHL connection. Your only option is... moreIf your tv has hdmi slot, then just buy the usb to hdmi connector

Oppo F series use cheap hardware with fancy looking exterior and sold like quality phone prices. but they aren't quality at all just attractive, the phones are to avoid as much as possible. You can get one with same specs for under €150

  • Kremang

Halesh, 29 Oct 2019Please don't buy this Phone, I brought Oppo F11pro 5 month back ... moreThis phone not suitable for performance..only texting n camera.

  • Halesh

Please don't buy this Phone, I brought Oppo F11pro 5 month back and it's frequently getting hang also have some technical issues, I really feel very bad that due to I spent more money and no worth.

  • fluttershy

my friends have this both F11 PRO and v15...
in terms of battery life and speaker f11 pro lasts much longer and better than v15
other than that,all are the same...
1 more thing the oppo gamespace personalize the performance more effieciently than v15 gamecube...

  • shaker.cherry

actually my friend bought this oppo f11 pro , but facing a huge consumption of data , whenever its turned on, as he just came to online and sent me his location and turned data off, it conmsumed 600mb of data within seconds... thats a bad experience, and having same on other friends device also,,,,

  • jR.

why my oppo f11 pro did’nt raised the selfie camera?? its just 1 month use only , how can i fixed this issue??

  • Sen

Updated a couple of hours ago and just noticed while watching on Youtube that from 60fps,they downgraded it to 50gps for the 720 and 1080. 😒... Unfortunately, damage has been done. 😭...Lesson learned. So GUYS, READ new features before updating. 😭😭😭

  • Suresh babu

Facebook video streaming and sound are not available when l watch facebook through oppo browser....waiting for updation...

  • Ajay

Waiting for the update youtube sound is not having clarity while hearing songs and for mx player also...plz make an update

  • ali

i can't view massage on popup still hide massage on popup kndly help me how i can view