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  • Anonymous
  • DkR
  • 29 Jan 2023

Oppo F19 pro, auto recording without notification facility not available, if possible please update earliest

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    • Robin
    • fxH
    • 07 Jan 2023

    Pathan MoinKhan , 15 Dec 2022hello sir i'm oppo f19 pro hanging problem and battry ... moreMy phone problem hanging please 13 update please

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      • Hasib
      • f}n
      • 29 Dec 2022

      All is okay but battery drain very quickly after Android 12 update

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        • Pathan MoinKhan
        • 7ke
        • 15 Dec 2022

        hello sir i'm oppo f19 pro hanging problem and battry low problem fast bettey low and henging problem plz my problem slos

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          • Nick
          • Sbc
          • 14 Oct 2022

          This phone is listed among those with gorilla glass protection on the Corning gorilla glass official website. Did Gsmarena omit such a crucial detail?

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            • Zuni13
            • XWx
            • 01 Sep 2022

            I'd used OnePlus nord n10 5g previously which was outclass in every segment especially in camera and processor speed, F19 pro is feeling sluggish and camera is not that too much great as other brands are providing in this price segment but yes display is very vivid and saturated. I've not any idea about chipset size with 12nm which is quite old and it must be operate over 8nm or 6nm chipset. Response rate is just normal and not that outstanding

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              • Anonymous
              • sUv
              • 18 Aug 2022

              Anonymous, 20 Apr 2022Its very bad,,stuck ,,cant records call,very verse call Recording present on second page...bro check it

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                • LC
                • IWT
                • 12 Jun 2022

                Rabin Ghosh, 17 Mar 2022Have been using this phone for a month now. It's disas... moreYou wanted all the advanced features, but u have not spent 2 minutes to check whether it is there in the phone u gonna spent money on. How can a person believe such a careless person's comment???

                  Been using this phone for a year and absolutely love it! No problems thus far! Would recommend.

                    Why there are so many negative comments?

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                      • Siddharth
                      • U@q
                      • 27 May 2022

                      Always on display update when come

                        adnna, 11 May 2022The worst phone ever. its notifications, pathetic, screen l... morehave u even tried the phone? or are you just copying someone else's opinion and pasting it?

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                          • adnna
                          • LhX
                          • 11 May 2022

                          The worst phone ever. its notifications, pathetic, screen light pathetic, operating system pathetic, pure wastage of money.

                          The worst phone ever.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • IWS
                            • 20 Apr 2022

                            Rabin Ghosh, 17 Mar 2022Have been using this phone for a month now. It's disas... moreIts very bad,,stuck ,,cant records call,very verse

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                              • Rao
                              • uZH
                              • 26 Mar 2022

                              Shaik sohail ahmed , 22 Dec 2021One of the most worst phone I have ever seen yet I suggest ... moreAgree with u..

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                                • Rabin Ghosh
                                • 2ZH
                                • 17 Mar 2022

                                Have been using this phone for a month now. It's disastrous. I wonder how did it ever pass the QC test, and I am not even talking about the machine performance. My comments are all on user interface and features.

                                1. You can't record a conference call!
                                Seriously! In this day and age, you can't record a conf call? Had I known this, I would have stayed away from this device.

                                2. You have no idea where the call record file is saved in. I searched high and low for a very critical call recording and couldn't find anywhere. My previous phone (Mi 9pro) neatly saved all calls, properly titled with the name of the person called and date in the recording tab. Here recording tab will only show you what you recorded using the tab only.
                                Finally google came to my rescue and I following its instructions I traced the location of the file. And no it is not easy to find or remember. It's quite a complicated path and needs to be done with each separate recording. At one place you won't find all calls saved.

                                3. When searching for names in your phone book, the list will show all names matching even 3-4 characters even when you have keyed in the full name.
                                Imagine the situation when you are searching for Amit Gupta on your phone. Say there are 5 Amits and 30 Guptas on your phone. All 35 will show even when you have keyed in his full name! So now you will have to manually select the correct one.

                                4. Even in locked screen more, the OTPs and text notifications are visible! Can anything be more idiotic? This is a serious security flaw and should be a deal-breaker when considering this purchase.

                                5. No concept of daily alarm. You need to activate it everyday

                                6. No built-in QR code scanner .You need to download a 3rd part app.

                                7. No screen video recorder feature. 3 finger swipe for screen recorder also not efficient. Takes a second or 2 to activate and doesn't work 100pc of time.

                                8. You have call waiting feature activated and are talking to someone using your handsfree and you get a 2nd call. What's expected? You get a silent notification that you have a call waiting right?
                                No. Here you will hear the full ring till the other person hangs up while talking on you existing call. And if you are recording the call, the ring will get recorded as well.

                                9. You begin recording a call and you get a loud 'this call is being recorded' message. I dunno if that sound is made available to the other party too, but is highly irritating.

                                This is a genuine user review and I am surprised how some of the professional reviewers have given this phone high ranking.

                                I will probably get this changed in the next few months (I usually use a phone for min 2 years) after my EMI runs over.

                                Overall I am quite disappointed with the phone and wouldn't recommend this to anybody.

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                                  • rizam
                                  • SYx
                                  • 16 Feb 2022

                                  I'm very disappointed. There are many system failures. Sometimes notifications get stuck. Sometimes when I click the go back button at the top, it goes directly to the home page, specially in Note. There is no feature to sort the files in the category we want. as same as you can see only one copied item in clipboard. as these there are not even many simple features. It's not worth to your money at all. I say don't be fooled by the screen and the camera. it's not user friendly..

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                                    • Vicky
                                    • vGh
                                    • 11 Feb 2022

                                    I am writing this review after using it for 6 months. Everything in this phone is superb. No Hang, No Lag and not any single problem. It feels premium. Camera quality is very good. I play Pubg on high graphics. Sound quality and call quality is very good.. amazing phone. Just amazing.

                                      • B
                                      • Bababooey
                                      • 7tT
                                      • 10 Feb 2022

                                      Sal from Sri Lanka, 12 Dec 2021Hi guys I have Oppo f19 Pro phone. When I make a call, m... moreTry switching off your wifi

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                                        • Khan
                                        • Dk}
                                        • 09 Jan 2022

                                        2 megapixel depth camera is fake camera not work