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  • Dr.MSP

Not a techie or used alot of phones. I've always used a mobile for minimum 3years and only one android experience before this one. I've used Nexus 5 before this and was quite comfortable with that for a long time. Later when that stopped working I tried searching for a new one. My phones were always Rs.36k+ and back when I brought this, Oppo wasn't much appreciated by anyone in my circle. This was too delicate phone for me according to my boyfriend as it resembles iphone6 a little in looks. Since a month from release till today it has been fabulously working for me. Still have no desire to change because haven't liked any others compared to this, even though they're much much upgraded ones. Amazing camera and looks. Though its difficult to find covers or screenguard for this anymore but this one is still worth it.

  • Emmafeighna Vonrimah

for me this phone is the best phone, 6.6mm thickness is perfect. I bought when it was in the 1st release date and i am still using it till now. everything still perfect except the battrey.

  • Deep kumar sarkar

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2016There is a high demand for big screens.... just answering t... moreLike the phone very much,even I kept a new phone for future use.but there is no update of android version.
Therefore many apps not working.please update its android version

  • mibs

ive been using this phone since march 2017. the pros and cons:

1. not getting android update
2. overheating when used heavily because of the aluminium body
3. sometimes, dark environment in 1080 movies can be noticeably quite ugly (noticeable pixels)

1. battery is still perfect, decent usage can get me through all day without charging, charging still fast because it is 20W vooc, i think it is better than nowadays fast charger
2. good camera
3. not lagging even during heavy gaming (bully by rockstar, gravity, real racing 3, the war of mine, and many more)
4. i dont have any strong reason to buy a new phone because it is still perfectly working.

  • Anonymous

..got mine last sept9(lazada).. at first.. i thought i got defective unit.. very confusing setting.. but once u get it..sweet..luv this phone...

  • Ahmed Elbaqary

kashif, 17 Mar 2019F1 Plus Upgradeable or Not Upgradeable ?not upgradable

  • J

Evan Toh, 25 Apr 2019changing a battery won't erase data or anything. Just a bat... moreMakesense

changing a battery won't erase data or anything. Just a battery man, it won't corrupt the data unless it was "your" phone internal storage problem. It has nothing to do with the battery, you can change it

  • kashif

F1 Plus Upgradeable or Not Upgradeable ?

  • Athip

I was told that my Oppo F1 Plus battery inflated inside my phone, and told me that not to bother with it. I liked to change the battery, but feared that changing the battery would either corrupt or delete the data in the phone. Will this kind of situation happened when changing the battery?

  • Dz

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2016Hi Dears, Oppo F1 Plus is amazing in all aspects. 1) ... moreYes oppo f1s is annoying that can't mute the ussd sound like notification sound after data usage and call.

  • sinu

Mayur pal, 21 Aug 2018I have using this ph for past 2 and half year ......its is ... moremee too

  • Anonymous

FASISO, 28 Mar 2018yes it's working well i'm the user of oppo f1 plusMe tooo

  • Mayur pal

I have using this ph for past 2 and half year ......its is fantastic ph ever i used.....in past i haven't used ph more then 6 months...but this one satisfied me in all kind.....fast charging pretty speedy....... doesn't hang up... amazing experience ....its not fake mark my word its fantastic ph ever......oppo rocks for this ph

  • mubarak

charging veryfast ,

  • Anonymous

TUSH, 05 May 2017major problem with oppo phone it dont give notification for... moreI am facing the same issue... Anybody has a solution for this?

  • John R

The best Android phone in terms of working out of the box that I've had! Plus the Dual SIMs actually worked on 4G after so many other brands letting me down

  • Rocket Angel

AnonD-289396, 26 Feb 2018Are Oppo f1 plus is 4G enable handsetyes it is 4G enabled to both of its SIM Card slot (Dual Sim)

  • AnonD-752431

yes its working :)

  • Anonymous

After 2 years of usage. There are pros & cons. I'll be talking about the cons first. I had detected several problems with the phone. But I'm a root user, and had flashed my phone after 6 month of usage. I didn't encounter any issues for the first year.
1. After a year, at times it will produce a high pitch x1.25 faster sound. But it can go away if I restart the phone.

2. And the GPS is glitchy. It won't move, sometimes it can't detect my phone's movement.

3. If you hope to use a custom ROM like cyanogen on this phone, don't buy this. The developer didn't and won't make one for this phone.

4. Finger print sensor was not working before. It happened twice. Though I don't have this issue anymore.
It goes away when I restarted the phone(1st encounter)It goes away in time. iirc it probably takes a few days to go away.(2nd & last encounter)

5. The screen quality isn't that great. Sometimes when I watch a movie, the colours are very off and ugly. That is my opinion at least. But it is bearable. Sometimes I don't even notices it.
1. A decent main & secondary camera

2. There's a lot of casing online that you can choose from and buy(I'm currently using SIMON thor metal casing)

3. Finger print is fast & accurate(unless your finger is wet)(& unless it is not working)

4. Fast performance (can play a lot of demanding game)e.g. GTA as

5. Fast charging (it took mine 45mins to fully charged and only needed 30mins for 80% charged)

6. Average battery life. Around 10+ hours of mild usage
Without dipping below 20%. Unless Im gaming heavily on this thing then it might take 3-5 hours to drain the battery completely. And it also overheats if you game or heavy use continuesly. I put it at pros because I consider the battery life is good even after 2 years of usage.