Oppo F1 Plus

Oppo F1 Plus

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  • Anonymous

Perfect size for the most logical people

  • AnonD-510958

Waiting for the real version of the phone. Then can say if you enter in the top phone of the elite or not.

  • kosimk79

when launch in indonesia?

  • Anonymous

size is very big not compactble

  • crubz

i luv u oppo...r9 is best

  • unknown

never heard of this phone before. looks like it might be better then galaxy s7.

  • Anonymous

stanley, 01 Mar 2016why so big lcd screen?againg 6,00 inch? :( its not phone, b... moreThere is a high demand for big screens.... just answering the high demand, personnally, i wan't those kind of big screen because i am always using my phone, just like i would use a PC, witch i don't really use anymore and when i do, mostly using remote from my phone.

  • stanley

why so big lcd screen?againg 6,00 inch? :( its not phone, but tabletphone.. it should be at least R9 plus not R9, it will be quite enough to stay on 5,5´´ by classic R9( or 5,2´´-5,4´´)

  • AnonD-501693

Oooo oppo! Then price will be $700.