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  • Anon

This is, I would say, the last good OPPO phone. Well, the OPPO N3 maybe is the contender, but this one at least officially upgraded to Android 5.0, and it is the only one to feature 2K screen. However, due to the old Snapdragon 801 SoC, this one consistently overheat if playing heavy game, or using extensively.
Otherwise, a good phone of it's generation literally.

  • vicky

joe, 26 Jan 2018i have problem connecting wifi any solution guys to solve ... moreits a software problem. Go Oppo centre, they'll repair for free.

  • trung

good phone i' v ever had.

  • joe

i have problem connecting wifi
any solution guys to solve it?
help me
kindly appreciate

  • Darkpandora

Why My Google Play Store Not Update To Latest Version After I Upgrade the ColorOs 2.1.5I?

  • AnonD-379194

Your phone battery has probably gone into deep discharge mode(search google). You will need to give your battery a boost charge, that would revive your battery. A normal charger cannot charge your battery from this state. Also remember, once battery goes into deep discharge it causes a great damage, and in any situation you get back your battery into life again, it will never run to its full capacity.

Next time, when you are not using your phone, do remove the battery after giving it a full charge. Thanks!

  • sad

This phone keep for one month never use at all, now l charged up for 5 hours still no display, you can feel the phone still every cool , can any one help.

  • Anonymous

Hi guys can you help me I'm trying to find the oficial update on color os 2.0 based on lollipop but cant find anywhere since the oppo forum closed and all the links takes me to a dead end please guys help out I'm stuck on jellybean

  • AnonD-705503

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2016I am running latest software by Oppo which is 2.1.5i that i... moreBig brother is watching.

  • AnonD-705503

I've had this phone since it launched.
Got rid of the stock ROM less than an year after purchase and have been using Cyanogen/LineageOS and it's been running beautifully!
The device has endured quite a few hard impacts and besides the corners losing shape a bit there has been no damage to the screen. I've never used a case or cover either, it's certainly a soldier.
There's problems though, especially if you kept the garbage stock ROM(Color OS). Battery life can be an issue if you're a heavy user, even though it charges up real fast. Had it die on me 3 or 4 times in 4 years. Using a custom ROM might help in this by reducing background tasks and bloaty UI. Heat is also an issue as pointed out by someone else already.
My battery has swelled a bit due to heat because of which the back cover frequently comes off exposing the battery.
Also, if you stick to the stock ROM then you'll probably be stuck with a really old version of Android.
TL;DR: If you plan on buying this for whatever reason you might have(it's a 4 year old phone, wouldn't recommend it obviously), make sure to learn how to install a custom ROM and recovery.

This was my first Android phone(previously owned a Nokia n900), and it has certainly been an unforgettable experience(that's what everybody says until they eventually forget about it) but I think it's time to part ways now. I'll keep it for experimenting and backup.

  • Marang prapu

Anonymous, 15 May 2017this phone cannot support 4G... dafuqLoll

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2017How If you are still on Android 4.4, you need to do this manually at Setting>Battery Storage>Storage.
If you are already installed Android 5.0, this is already done by default.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2017this phone cannot support 4G... dafuqLTE is 4G

  • Anonymous

This is one of the best phone at it's time, but sadly, it faded away, now I'm going to talk on it's bad stuff.
1. No official Android OS update beyond Android 5.0, kinda bad for a branded phone, which really not a very good investment. Many newer apps cannot be installed due to only Android 5.0.
2. Battery life is pathetic despite having VOOC quick charger, can't going through half day on moderate usage, even I have changed a new battery.
3. Overheating is killing this phone. It can go very hot while just web browsing, simple chatting, FB and camera capture. Gaming totally get into super hot up to 50 Celsius.
4. Because of overheating/overloading, the phone will freeze, then restart itself, kind of annoying if in the middle of something.

The good stuff are ok, fast charging, 2K screen, camera, removable battery, micro sd slot.
Now I use Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon as my main driver. This, I keep as secondary phone. Plan to install custom rom if want to longer it's usage.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2017this phone cannot support 4G... dafuqI think 4g and LTE is at same level pls correct me if i'm wrong ts

  • Anonymous

this phone cannot support 4G... dafuq

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2017Default partition allows 3GB for apps. Switch to unified pa... moreHow

  • AnonD-564539

Good 256 GB and 3000 amps good rear but only 5 megapixels on the secondary and large screen. 4.9 Stars


i love iphone note 4 dual sim!!!

  • Anonymous

misssixteen, 05 Jan 2017hi..i have a problem to download app from playstore which i... moreDefault partition allows 3GB for apps. Switch to unified partition in settings to use the entire internal storage for apps.