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  • Kesh

Had the phone for 10 months and it was amazing!!! All the features, the camera, camera zoom, screen, speakers and user interface was awesome.

After 10 months it has been awful. Poor software updates have ruined the phone, unstable software upgrade to latest Android. It has 12gb ram but cannot hold anything in memory. Every app restarted when going to to it from memory. You cannot upload any files to your email or through a web browser. It is the first and last oppo I will get. I would suggest not getting an oppo I have had this issue for about 6/7 months it is well documented in their community blog and yet no fix had been implemented. Disappointing!

  • Another Man

Is ther any update on front camera which can stabilize front camera even at 1080p ?

  • Anonymous

Tom, 25 May 2021Will this phone receive Android 12? The camera setup on thi... moreLooking at oppos software update history it will probably get android 12 but no more, considering thd oppo reno 10x zoom (oppos flagship from the year before) has android 11 now

  • Tom

Will this phone receive Android 12? The camera setup on this device is better than the Oppo X3 pro in my opinion.

  • Kosova

Sue de Nym, 24 Apr 2021All that money and only single sim. ShameYou can use double sim, but you need to check it how.
Don't come here and write some lame comments.

  • Doombar

Hi since getting the latest update from oppo when I ring a number the phone neeps in my ear once or twice then later into the conversation it beeps. The other person cannot hear it and there is no ore trying to ring my number. Any ideas how to stop this as it's very annoying

  • Daim

does find x2 pro support 32bit/384khz sample rate?? i cant set it to 32bit but 24bit/384khz on my 32bit/384khz USB dongle with CS43131 DAC.. my samsung s9 exynos can do 32bit/384khz on dongle dac.. :(

  • Anonymous

Sue de Nym, 24 Apr 2021All that money and only single sim. ShameFor 650 euros, I dont really mind about Single or Dual Sim tbh

  • Sue de Nym

All that money and only single sim. Shame

  • Royal

Just received mine today and it is a Beast!!! The only downsize is that is Single SIM, and not Dual SIM as stated in the GSMArena specs. Please update that

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021No, the oneplus 8 pro is same but cheaper....you should go ... moreI've been using this phone since January and it's a monster. The only minor downside is battery life which isn't stellar, but I say this is a minor issue because with its charging speeds it only takes a few minutes to top up the battery.

I've also used the 1+8pro and the user experience doesn't match up to the x2 pro in many ways which is why I recommend you get the x2 pro.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2021No, the oneplus 8 pro is same but cheaper....you should go ... moreSame ?? They are not the same at all

X2 Pro ha:
- Periscope lens 5x Optical zoom
- 32MP Selfie
- Gorilla glass 6
- 12gb/512gb as standard
- 65W Fast Charging!
- Also considered one of the bests devices of 2020.
- Plus no green tint screen issues as many 1+8 Pro users have complained.

If you decide for 1+8 Pro, you will get:
- 30 W Wireless charge
- 4510 mAh battery (X2 Pro has 4260 mAh) (And this difference means nothing)

  • Anonymous

Agha Hussein , 17 Apr 2021Hello guys Is it worth buying this phone?No, the oneplus 8 pro is same but cheaper....you should go for OnePlus 8 pro

  • Agha Hussein

Hello guys Is it worth buying this phone?

  • Anonymous

Nav17, 19 Feb 2021I have been using Oppo Find X2 from last 4 months and alrea... moreYou talk about software issus like they were hardware and specs faults lol Stop crying

  • Royal

Just bought this insane Monster for 670 euros from Amazon. Cant wait to have it in my hands !!

  • Seagrave179

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021What is price difference between x2 pro and lamborghini edition Absolutely nothing other than it has a Lamborghini symbol the phone charger and box and its at least 400 more than the pro.

  • Anonymous

Not sure if this periscope 2nd generation 5x optical zoom in find x2 pro a huge upgrade from reno 10x zoom, it use. same sensor and module from reno 10x zoom!, the only upgrade is with 865 which give better fast pixel rate persecond. Also it seems they improve the OIS(OIS image chip) on the periscope , this is based from press release and also they fix the algorithm. In color os 11, reno 10x zoom does better image which less blurry and good def a step up from somtimes blurry pixelated zoom image in color os 7.1 but not by a lot so the periscope in this phone def a step up from reno 10x zoom. Also from youtube review it pack a punch and can fight mate 40 pro zoom lens which have better um and algorithm (huawei btw)

  • Daim

just recently compared my find x2 pro dolby atmos to my samsung s9 dolby atmos using my TWS.. find x2 pro Dolby atmos focuses more on bass which makes the sound too much distort on max volume while on samsung s9 dolby atmos focuses on making the louder max volume and its more clearer in sound (still max volume) than my find x2 pro.. i feel like not using dolby atmos on my find x2 pro .. sad i though it would have good sound quality than my s9 when dolby atmos is turnon.. its just that find x2 pro has a crappy dolby atmos

  • Anonymous

What is price difference between x2 pro and lamborghini edition