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Oppo Find X2 Pro

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  • Anonymous

VITW1844, 22 Aug 2021I have just bought this phone off contract from EE for £35 ... moreAgree for 2020 flagship here is my list :

Mate 40 pro
Find x2 pro
One plus 8

  • Anonymous

Continue my review again :
The main sensor although is below imx 700 in huawei 40 series still is one of the best camera sensor, it can do sharp 2-4x zoom in low to mid range with sharp detail that almost like a gcam zoom with lot of frame

For 1 year old flagship find x2 pro can be considered the best and all around device it may have some minor cons but def great all around smartphone from camera display audio and feature the good cooling system easily puts this device with mi 10 im cooling system and peak sustained performance. As currently the 888 devices all have overheat issue in real world case ex find x3 pro the successor, buying this phone is def a good choice especially next year we gonna have price hike due to wafer price inc and the heat issue still exist in snapdragon chipset due to bad samsung fab 4nm issue as the rumor reported

  • Anonymous

Continueing my review :
Some cons of the device is bluetooth only 5.1 and ufs 3.0 instead of bluetooth 5.2 and ufs 3.1 but dont worry because ufs 3.0 with some software tweak can be faster than 3.1

The camera is huge upgrade from reno 10x zoom everything! , Main camera def have good detail and texture compareable to huawei level p40 pro , the ultra wide camera is also good but not very sharp and need good amount of light to give you sharp image for macro shot, it also have better image than xiaomi 5mp tele macro image. The telephoto is huge upgrade! It still have same sensor a 13 mp 1um photo but it very sharp and more detail than reno 10x zoom it def a 2nd gen periscope like oppo said. The tweak comes from the the telephoto module itself with better isp from 865 chip. In some review the telephoto camera even beats p40 pro/mate 40 pro telephoto camera this possible because huawei is using 12mp ryyb and the sensor may have same 1um pixel like find x2 pro so algorithm and periscope module have big play here

The speaker is top notch def top 5 , the speaker remind me of realme x2 pro model although it more balanced and not too bass centric like realme x2 pro it also does not have loud sound like the one in realme x2 pro

Find x2 pro also can be considered as gaming phone 12gb of ram coupled with vapor chamber cooling system , rarely discussed the cooling system can compare able to the mi 10 series this came from 99% stability performance of find x2 pro. The mi 10 cooling system is one of the best in phone compare able to blackshark 3 in term of heat transfer and also used in mi 11 pro and ultra

  • Anonymous

The best flagship phone from oppo, comig from reno 10x zoom , fantastic. The phone is expensive launching in 1200 usd in my country (12/512) and now used one sell in for 600-700usd basically half of that

Display is great even if its not true 10 bit, thr 8+2 bit get boosted by pixel works 5 chip ensuring good with 6 features ( search on google) can sure it compareable to true 10 bit display

Selfie camera is improved, some first review and dx0mark hint at low detail, bad texture and noise in photo everything is almost gone in cos 11 also detail is good it seems they fixed it in cos 11 although detail still not sharp but def good level of selfie above my past device like reno 10x or mate 20 pro

Memc is great def smooth although it have bit of opera soap effect but the effect still more like smoothing instead of soap opera , this is thx to pixelworks iris 5 hardware chip instead of software. Memc also still on and can run in cos 11 , user below post that memc god buggu and wont turn on in cos 11 but not in my case

No wireless charging is okay because its only kill the battery faster with heat

  • Anonymous

VITW1844, 22 Aug 2021I have just bought this phone off contract from EE for £35 ... moreI managed to get my deal a few months ago on mobiles.co.uk with £25 upfront (and i got a code for £20 off upfronts) and £23 per month for 24 months with unltd calls/data and 10gb data - i havent seen anything that cheap since, i think i got lucky!

  • Anonymous

hows the selfie camera quality and other feature in latest update? thinking to buy this phone!

I have just bought this phone off contract from EE for £35 a month, £50 upfront and am glad that I did at this low price. I have used and own an LG V50, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, and owned Samsung Galaxy S10, and other flagship smartphones. This is easily the best so far, and a bargain at current prices. If a 6.7 inch screen size is fine with you then it is very highly recommended. Its fast, well built, has an excellent screen, good speakers, and exemplary cameras, especially the 5x zoom.

  • Lj-ExYu

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2021Too bad :( i want to upgrade from 10x zoom but thankfully i... moreWhats last build of CPH2025 EU version?

  • Anonymous

gws89, 08 Aug 2021Ys, but doesn't seem to work.Too bad :( i want to upgrade from 10x zoom but thankfully in my country service center let you downgrade your color os for free. My reno 10x zoom have better image quality on color os 11. Why oppo :(

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021Hi , already reset factory?Ys, but doesn't seem to work.

  • Anonymous

gws89, 07 Aug 2021The MEMC effect doesn't work anymore since the Color OS 11.Hi , already reset factory?

The MEMC effect doesn't work anymore since the Color OS 11.

  • Dayum

been using mine since i first received it last year of September 2020. This phone is so uncomfortable on daily usage due to weight. very heavy on hands even at bed it fell off to my face (almost broke my nose) this really inconvenient. but overall performance is good especially that new features Additional RAM wow this makes my phone even faster, responsive, and smooth. its just that very inconvenient bringing heavy phone like this on daily day usage i'd prefer my oldie samsung S7 on outdoor very lightweight and pocket friendly. battery is nay it can't last for a day when using mobile data. On full charge at the morning, i always get 10~20% battery health around 3:00pm~4:00pm everyday.

  • Pribil

Martin, 19 Jul 2021Please should i buy oppo find x2pro or oneplus 8pro, i like... moreAndroid 12 for sure, 13 maybe. Oppo is a better phone overall.

  • Martin

Please should i buy oppo find x2pro or oneplus 8pro, i like oppo but dont know much about the way they update their phone. And will oppo find x2pro recieve andriod 12 or 13

  • Olsen

It's running android 11 with colorOS 11.

Good phone, but bugs after updates that remain unchanged after many updates. Recorder no longer stores anything, so need to install another one. Video recordings suffer from tearing @ 30 fps. Luckily, 60 fps works - but wide angle video only supports 30fps. Trick is to record first/close camera app and start again.

Gestures like "back button", doesn't always work out...annoying.

Curved screen makes is vulnerable, I dropped mine in stairs (small fall) and it cracked, as a normal phone protector cannot protect the curved glass edges.

512GB is overkill in 2021, lower price would be better.

Hi there. I've been using Find x2 pro for a month now. It is a solid, very good phone. Great camera, super smooth, great performace. Wathing movies on it is amazing. I had previously Iphone XS max, Huawei Mate 20 pro, and 30 pro. You can't compare these phones with the Oppo. For me the battery isn't disappointment neither, as it last easily a day , day and half. Worth every pounds

Got the chance of one of these beasts but have a Samsung galaxy s20 ultra is there much difference between them ?

  • Kesh

Had the phone for 10 months and it was amazing!!! All the features, the camera, camera zoom, screen, speakers and user interface was awesome.

After 10 months it has been awful. Poor software updates have ruined the phone, unstable software upgrade to latest Android. It has 12gb ram but cannot hold anything in memory. Every app restarted when going to to it from memory. You cannot upload any files to your email or through a web browser. It is the first and last oppo I will get. I would suggest not getting an oppo I have had this issue for about 6/7 months it is well documented in their community blog and yet no fix had been implemented. Disappointing!

  • Another Man

Is ther any update on front camera which can stabilize front camera even at 1080p ?