Oppo Find X6 Pro

Oppo Find X6 Pro

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  • 14 Apr 2023

Pitchwisse, 12 Apr 2023Unfortunately, most Chinese manufacturers use Samsung panel... moreIt's not about first world problem, but about screen quilaty and yes there's a noticable different when it comes to brightness. Saw a comparison between S23 ultra and Xiaomi 13 pro that comes with 1900 nits and s23 ultra 1750 nits and yet s23 ultra has noticable brighter screen and better white.

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    • g88
    • 14 Apr 2023

    lemonade747, 12 Apr 2023It really depends on how often people use it. For me, as a ... moreThat's the most garbage excuse of a comment I've ever seen regarding the lack of 4k front facing camera, at this price point, it should be ILLEGAL to not implement it in the first place. You have to be a sheep to accept this behaviour from a $1000+ flagship phone that can't provide you with a flagship front facing camera, even a $500 phone bests it in this department.

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      • 14 Apr 2023

      When this phone will be available??

        I want it

          Does anyone know where will be global version of this device?

            No review yet ??

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              • 13 Apr 2023

              Sum, 12 Apr 2023No E-sim on a flagship phone ? because it is a China only release

                extremeiam, 12 Apr 2023No 4K in front camera is disappointingIt really depends on how often people use it. For me, as a man, almost never touch selfie camera. I mainly use the rear camera as 95% of the time. Front camera is just for fun, backup or just when I hang out with my friend and take some photos. No practical use, to be honest. Even if you are youtubers or streamers then you are probably not gonna use that front camera for recording. Remember, 4K quality in the front camera is far far different than 4K in the rear camera. That's why the manufacturer will cut out that one to save money.

                  No 4K in front camera is disappointing

                    Nice. Big improvement from the find x5 pro

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                      • 12 Apr 2023

                      No E-sim on a flagship phone ?

                        AnonF-1085718, 04 Apr 2023It's not subjective but a real world comparison based ... moreYou just said it's your opinion after talking about how it OBJECTIVELY PROVEN that Samsung is better, you are not very consistent...
                        Also you mentioned Samsung is also a lot better aside from camera, in what way exactly?

                          Anonymous, 12 Apr 2023Sorry but there's no better OLED panels on phones stil... moreUnfortunately, most Chinese manufacturers use Samsung panels, with a few of them using TCL. Those panels are made out of E4 or E5 materials which are subpar to the M series materials that Samsung uses for their flagships. They are not bad, by all means, but when we nitpick like all techies do, we can notice a difference. In general - first world problems.

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                            • 12 Apr 2023

                            Frr why won't they inspire from Samsung/Apple's 4K60FPS front camera? Why they only care about the megapixels? N

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                              • 12 Apr 2023

                              Pitchwisse, 11 Apr 2023Having used the phone for about ten days, here are my thoug... moreSorry but there's no better OLED panels on phones still like Iphone and Samsung all Chinese OEMs acting like they have best OLED around since it's supporting 10 bits colors and it's only software trick not a hardwaer.

                                derrr, 09 Apr 202319 days on since the "Hands-on" review and still ... moreIt should come very soon as all the camera samples and speaker rating and battery rating are already available. The dxomark camera review came today as well. It did well in that anyway

                                  Having used the phone for about ten days, here are my thoughts:

                                  Overall, there are some flaws that a flagship should not have, and some features that are pure gold. The battery life is great, even at 1440p, adaptive refresh rate, and the phone charges in about 25 minutes. The screen is a whole different story. Looking at it at a straight angle brings pure joy, but the moment you go off axis, it starts shifting to green. This is something noticeable on white screens only, but given the size of the screen, sometimes it can be noticeable even dead on. The adaptable refresh rate can be bothersome because it goes down to 60, even in some apps like FB and IG, so your only option would be to switch to a constant 120Hz.
                                  Another issue that I've had was with the speakers. The sound quality is blissful, but the speakers have been positioned on opposite sides of the device vertically, so no matter which side you turn the phone to, you will always block one speaker while gaming. The speakers are heavily unbalanced as well. The BT audio, however, is magnificent.
                                  The performance isn't lacking at all, never had issues, no thermal problems, handled everything with ease.
                                  The software is really puzzling, with my biggest issue being that you can turn off 5G only in the developer settings. Some software choices are really weird.
                                  Cameras are awesome, especially with the main sensor really being of a DSLR quality.

                                    derrr, 09 Apr 202319 days on since the "Hands-on" review and still ... morethey only care about disco light phone, and made an 30 minute video of it.

                                      derrr, 09 Apr 202319 days on since the "Hands-on" review and still ... moreor probably some issues with the review unit

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                                        • 09 Apr 2023

                                        19 days on since the "Hands-on" review and still nothing...(oh wait latest release is a 'Nothing phone (1) long-term review'). Maybe forgotten Oppo and is at the bottom of the to-do tray.