Oppo shares Find X7 Ultra portrait samples ahead of Jan 8 launch

Oppo is introducing the Find X7 series on January 8, and we eagerly expect to see the first Ultra phone in the X lineup. The company promised it is going to be a flagship with mighty camera capabilities, and now we have the first samples from one of its telephoto cameras.

The brand posted four images on Weibo, shot in portrait mode, and the pictures reveal natural colors, clear details and impressive background blur.

Oppo Find X7 Ultra portrait samples

We should mention all the images have slight artifacts due to the fact they were uploaded on a social media and got high levels of compression applied. Nevertheless, we have moving hair in most of them and the way the phone blurs the background is truly impressive.

These were taken with the short telephoto lens, given the 65 mm focal length mentioned.

Oppo is expected to have two periscope shooters in the Find X7 Ultra, with the camera being capable of capturing everything in the 14-135 mm focal length, with some help from Hasselblad with the processing tuning.

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Reader comments

"Also, periscopes in general kinda suck for low light." Well, at f/2.1 no, they don't. I use it quite a lot in low light and it works just fine. You may be right about the sensor size of the tele (the previous P50 Pro had 1/2" and...

  • Anonymous

If Oppo uses a 50 megapixel 0.8 micrometer sensor for the 135mm camera instead of 50 megapixel 0.7 micrometer, this would make more sense due to the f-number, which is apparently 4.3 because 0.7 micrometer might give you barely more detail from dista...

  • Anonymous

I wanted to write: Allegedly, the Oppo Find X7 Ultra doesn't have a dedicated 12x button. That's strange. But this doesn't necessarily mean that there is always pixel binning at 12x.