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Oppo Find X Lamborghini

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  • Alonite

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018Are you selling a smart phone or the brand name of Lamborgh... moreI dont really think it was because of lambo. it was because it was the first phone out that has super vooc that can charge the phone from 0- 100 within 30mins. That technology at the time wasnt there yet where they were the first. Also it came with the bluetooth earbuds similar to the iphone air pods. Plus having such a big storage built in isnt cheap in the first place that is probably why when huawei did the porche design it costed so much. Anyways at that time when i got the phone i couldnt use any other phone because charging was so dam slow for other phones just cant go back to it. however now in 2019 we are all quite lucky that even mid tier low end phones have super vooc super dash charge and everything.

  • Alonite

Macbeth, 15 Dec 2018Hey! The Lamborghini edition of this phone is more expensiv... moreit is more expensive but the phone is amazing. It literally from 0-100 30mins of charge. I was the first person in shenzhen who was able to buy the phone. I have been using it since day one till now. The phone never had any issues and battery problem. Takes amazing photos and runs well. I was on a crazy smartphone chasing scene that year too. i literally bought every flag ship phone that came out but in the end i always move back to the find X. really love this phone. Its expensive but i think its worth it. However now that we are in 2019 that is a different story phones are coming out with snap dragon 855 with 12gb of ram. charging for most phones now go to 40- 44Ws. For people who are thinking about this phone ill say buy it if u can get one cheap or just wait for findx 2. Its an amazing phone just that we are now in 2019 its not too amazing with all these new phones that are adapting new technology. Also for people who dont know Oppo also offers Oppo care in china so if you are living in HongKong or China i really think you should buy it covers front and back broken screen once and moves the warranty to two years instead of one. Also unlimited free replaceable screen protector. Just show up to Oppo Service center and they help you apply a free of charge screen protector whenever you need a new one. As a user mainly using the phone in china/hk its amazing but if i was going to use this phone anywhere else where i need google play and stuff then might as well buy a global phone that was meant to run google. these Chinese brands are not really made outside of china there is always little bugs when running google and stuff on it. Just never runs super smooth like all the other google devices. Cant really blame them when china blocks off google and everything. Anyways hope this helps.

  • Alonite

Jack, 27 Feb 2019Which Phone Is Best Ouer Samsung S10+ Or Oppo Find Lamborgininot really fair of a comparison if you ask me. the oppo was release in 2018 and you are compare it to the new s10+ so for me if u compare it to samsung in 2018 oppo. right now you grab the one with new chip set and everything compare to it. everyone is going to say samsung. As someone who owns this phone its amazing but no point comparing it to the new flagships that are coming out. You will have to wait for findx2 to compare haha.

  • Anonymous

Jack, 27 Feb 2019Which Phone Is Best Ouer Samsung S10+ Or Oppo Find LamborginiS10+ of courseee

  • John

Jack, 27 Feb 2019Which Phone Is Best Ouer Samsung S10+ Or Oppo Find LamborginiBro Samsung S10+ Is Best Because It Has 5g And Cheap Then Oppo Lamborgini But Oppo Is Also Good

  • Jack

Which Phone Is Best Ouer Samsung S10+ Or Oppo Find Lamborgini

  • Sonny19

This phone (Oppo Find-X Lamborghini) when it was just released, its price was close to Samsung-Galaxy Fold now that just promoted a few days ago, so which one is the best performance? and who is worthy for the price, guys ?

Hey! The Lamborghini edition of this phone is more expensive than the 512GB iPhone XS Max! Take that thought for a second!

  • dcompany

yes samsung times gone now plastic cellphones always hang and after 6 months bettery problem. i am useing oppo cellphone since a long time its one of the beat never hang and bettery i will say woow and if we are talking about oppo find x lambo its in luxury level and i will say best phone of 2018 one word i will say powerfulbeautifulluxury. before commenting use it then comment

  • Anonymous

ros, 23 Sep 2018samsung make shit phones except s8 s9 note etc but all opp... moretrue, only the flagships are good but thats with all phone companies

  • ros

Mr nobody, 05 Sep 2018LOL....how can anyone compare Oppo to Samsung.....Samsung i... moresamsung make shit phones except s8 s9 note etc
but all oppo phones vivo xiaomi are better in mid and low range

  • Anonymous

Are you selling a smart phone or the brand name of Lamborghini ? If you are selling a smart phone , your phone is extremely poor comparative to its price and certainly vice versa and if you are selling the brand name of Lamborghini, there not here , here is the wrong place

wwwccc, 22 Aug 2018seriously? you are comparing Samsung to Oppo?LOL....how can anyone compare Oppo to Samsung.....Samsung is one of the biggest company in the world....where is Oppo? 😂😆😂😆

  • Anonymous

Love that 50W charging

  • wwwccc

Jimmy Hopkins, 19 Aug 2018lol for this price i can buy galaxy note 9 and tab s4seriously? you are comparing Samsung to Oppo?

  • Jimmy Hopkins

lol for this price i can buy galaxy note 9 and tab s4

This smartphone need to be waterproof and dust proof in this price.

one of the best phones out there, but imagine if oppo releases the Find X mini Lamborghini Edition. it is my dream to have the same specs but on a 5.2 inch smartphone.

  • GOD

Definitely the opposite.

  • Anonymous

Durability test fail.