Oppo Find X Lamborghini

Oppo Find X Lamborghini

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Same as the oppa x but you will pay extra 700$ for the lamborghini logo. Also the normal oppa x looks better from the back with that camera curve. But still more pretty than all the porche design's huawei phones.

  • Anonymous

1700 euros..?? OK But I don't understand how will you drive it without steering wheel and tyres.

I still don't get why people pay this much money for Oppo. Buy iphone or samsung and rest.

  • qwertyuiop

the price is really not worth it

  • Mario

Still not in interesting point without Waterproof.

  • kuman

Raj, 20 Jun 2018No wireless charger, no headphone jack ,no water rasisten ,... moremicro SD for phone with 512 GB?

WTF with the price.. Not worth it..

The Sesto Elemento phone version.
Let's see if it sells well than Huawei's Mate RS Porsche phones.

  • Anonymous


Price: about 1700 EUR ....

OH MY GOD !!!!!!

512GB of storage, wow, on par with a laptop what the hell :O


what kind of useless phone is this . what a shame oppo.but some how design is gorges looking

  • nero

That feeling when everything is ok but something tells me that something is wrong as hell here.

  • Raj

No wireless charger, no headphone jack ,no water rasisten , no . Micro sd card support .only pop up camera wat the f**ck