Oppo Inno Day 2021 scheduled for December 14, new flagship incoming

Yordan, 03 December 2021

Every year Oppo hosts an event to present its latest innovations and technologies, and the time for the 2021 conference has come. In a press release, the company announced it will take place on December 14-15 in Shenzhen, while attendees from around the world will be able to visit the first-ever virtual Inno World.

Oppo proudly says that this virtual event will “go down as one of the most interactive online launch events in recent years”.

Oppo Inno Day 2021 scheduled for December 14-15

The tradition for Oppo Inno Day started back in 2019, where we saw AR glasses, 5G CPE and a smartwatch, with most of the gadgets already being actual products, sold on the market. Last year Oppo introduced the rollable concept smartphone, and this year we’ll have two events - an “innovative product launch” on December 14 and a “new flagship launch” on December 15.

Oppo Inno World will be the virtual stage for the event, and visitors will be able to visit all exhibition halls. They can also create unique avatars and invite each other to look for easter eggs scattered in the virtual world. Registrations are already open, and everyone can join.



Reader comments

As seen here on the comments section, nobody cares anymore what Oppo or Vivo are releasing. People are already tired of countless recycled models being thrown as new

  • Anonymous
  • 04 Dec 2021
  • 6TT

Will there be news on tablet??

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