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The model is too stylish and appreciable. i have shared my long reviews on this https://shoesperk.com/. you can read in details.

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    • Sam
    • GX3
    • 31 Aug 2021

    There is definitely something..rite I notice that the fast charging indication comes and goes...maybe there is a bug or something...I don't know

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      • Sam
      • GX3
      • 31 Aug 2021

      Oppo android 11 ..there is fast battery charging problem...it's gone ...now it takes ages to charge ....

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        • Kxc
        • 12 Aug 2021

        vishal72, 03 Aug 2021This is the best phone I've ever had. I was initially ... moreCan you give an additional review of the new Color OS 11 update to this K3 ? Is there any problem? Are there any significant differences/features?
        I really want to try those update but its still not available in my country yet. :(

          This is the best phone I've ever had. I was initially sceptical that it will receive 2 Android updates. Today it got updated to colours 11.1. I am very much thankful for oppo. After using 2 years of harsh usage, no issues were observed at all. The only thing is the battery, but now it got resolved after the update.

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            • Sunny
            • GX3
            • 18 Mar 2021

            This phone durability is superb.

              Had been used by my brother. The phone is still good till now. Got new system update, but he didn't try to install it.

                I am no longer use Oppo K3. Had given to my brother. Changed to Realme 7.

                Well, last time I use this phone, almost no problem at all. But, battery seems little quick to drain. My use of this phone usually takes charge twice in a day.

                  After 10 months of use, I think I figured out the WiFi denied access that happen to me. I think the problem is from the software. As I know so far that I remember. When it is Android 9 till I update to baseband C.08, the denied access WiFi doesn't happen. But the denied access WiFi occured when position software in version C.09 and C.10. Several weeks ago I did reset Settings, nothing help. Did reset apps and downloaded app, worked.

                  But, yesterday, in position software C.11, I also experienced WiFi denied access problem. I did reset setting only, it worked, problem solved.

                  Well, keep updating software for me not a must, the most I see only security patch update. No new feature, maybe I will skip Android 11 if one day this phone receive new software update notification.

                    I had updated my Oppo K3 software to version C.11. Nothing new from it. So far no problem at all.

                      Adul Al Salami Kebab, 25 Jun 2019Prefer Realme 3 Pro.That Realme 3 Pro looks good in specs. It just lack of AMOLED LCD. The others are fine.

                        Akash, 10 May 2019USB 2.0 ........... nothing to sayFor me it is no problem. The charging is fast enough and the most users of smartphone I think don't care if USB 2.0 or 3.0.

                          Anonymous, 18 May 20196.3 inch please....The screen 6,5 inch compared to 6,3 inch I guess not significant different. This phone is still fine in my fine, grab it, use it, no complaint at all so far I use this phone.

                            New update available today. It is CPH1955EX_11_C.11. No new features, it is just security patch Oktober.

                              Don'tWorry!, 21 Oct 2019 why Oppo K3 production is limited in IndonesiaIt is still available on some e-commerce online. You can type the name on the search box.

                                Das, 31 Jul 2019Is this phone too thick to handle? Please reply fast, I wan... moreNot for me, 9,4 mm thick is fine.

                                  Anonymous, 06 Jul 2019Will there be any android update latter because Oppo is not... moreOppo K3 received Android 10 based on ColorOS 7.1 UI. The last update was security patch September 2020.

                                    Anonymous, 20 May 20193000mAh-ish batteries is in the past....Not be a complaint for me. The VOOC 20W is fast to make phone refill battery full in less than 85 minutes.

                                    Even, smartphone today also there are several models and other brands release with 4.000 mAh but charger below 20W.

                                      Sam, 09 Aug 2019Does is comes with preinstalled screen guardYes it is. Inside the box in my region, there are applied screen guard and also free case for back cover.

                                        Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019The phones are getting bigger in size and that's annoyingIt is trend now. For me, it is fine, no complaint for the body or the tall or the heavy. I am fine with this phone.