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Amit, 07 Oct 2019Is it possible to make display and fonts smaller than the g... moreYes, there is option to choose small fonts from default fonts, but only small, not very small.

    Anonymous, 23 Aug 2019So should i buy this phone..?Depend on you. I had used this phone for 9 months, still satisfy for its performance, charging speed and no problem.

      Enn, 26 Jun 2019Fm Radio?It is available. I see FM radion app icon on my phone.

        uba, 11 Jul 2019too heavy too big!!! my God when will they finally go back ... moreThe trend now is create phone with larger screen and or taller body.

        I use this phone, no complaint for big body or heavy unit. For compact phone I think you could see iPhone SE 2020 or Pixel series.

          Still love it, the Oppo K3. Other brand, Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC in my region will be available to be purchased official. Yes, for me, its specification is better than Oppo K3 and price also better.
          But, this is not the time for me to change smartphone right now. Of course, I afford to buy Poco X3 NFC, but not right time I think for now.

          So far, Oppo K3 does not disappoint me. Maybe I will keep stay using this phone till end of year. The next year, new decision for buying smartphone will be determined.

            NikiDroid, 01 Oct 2020Well, I noticed, I thought my phone's problem can'... moreThe denied access WiFi of my phone had been fixed yesterday after I did reset my phone's data and apps. So, problem was solved.

              New software update available yerterday. It was C.10, it is just minor update with security patch September. No new features.

                Almost 9 months I use this phone. Still satisfy with this phone.

                  Well, I noticed, I thought my phone's problem can't acces all WiFi. In fact, I could access my parent's house WiFi, free public WiFi. Only in my office there was something wrong. Don't know whether someone deleted my phone to be accessed by WiFi or other issue.

                    Vika, 27 Sep 2020I think it'd be good if there was an option to rotate ... moreReading, a comic, newspaper, magazine, comments, on smartphone, usually better in portrait mode. While usually, for landscape is better in view videos, YouTube, streaming movie.

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                      • Vika
                      • rAN
                      • 27 Sep 2020

                      I think it'd be good if there was an option to rotate the screen to landscape mode and keep it locked like that in a landscape mode.
                      The auto rotate mode feels almost useless while sleeping and reading.

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                        • User
                        • rAN
                        • 27 Sep 2020

                        I think it'd be good if there was an option to rotate the screen to landscape mode and lock it.
                        I use to face some in

                          My Oppo K3 experienced weird problem since several days ago, not more than 1 week ago, it refused to connect (denied acces description) my office WiFi and stay room WiFi. But it can connect other Android phone's WiFi and also if Oppo K3 activate hotspot, the Oppo K3 hotspot can be connected to other Android phone as WiFi.

                          I had tried restart phone, it didn't work. Haven't try factory reset, but reset settings only didn't work. But, in Sunday yesterday, my phone can connect free mall WiFi.

                          Hmmm, maybe there is something with software or IC WiFi maybe.

                            New update available with software version C.09, the changelog is securiry patch update to August 2020.

                              Sam, 05 Jul 2020After colour os7 update ..battery draning issue ...heating issueSo far in software version C.08, my phone didn't heat, it is fine. Battery I guess also fine. I install McAfee Security, so it is fine the battery drains.

                                promax178, 21 Aug 2020the model is too modish and great. i have shared my long re... moreThis website is talking about smartphone, not basketball.

                                  the model is too modish and great. i have shared my long reviews on https://outdoorbasketballhub.com/. you can read in details.

                                    New software update available 14 hours ago. It was CPH1955EX_11_C.08. This update brings ColorOS 7.1 and security patch July 2020.

                                    I had updated my phone. New feature: Always-on Display.
                                    Very good software update.

                                      Till now still use this phone, using latest updated software version like I said below. For me it is fine, no new update, maybe next time it will. Running on Android 10 with June security patch, it is good. No problem on my phone. Will keep update here when there is something that affect my phone.

                                        Anonymous, 11 Jul 2020Where can i get ur oppo phone at njenga at nairobiI think you should ask your friends, Oppo shop at any place that can help give information, Oppo Twitter, etc.