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  • Trey

Does it have a 64gb with 4gb ram version

  • Anonymous

Alfius, 12 May 2019I am using Oppo n3, how to replace from 3G to 4G.Where can i buy a oppo n3?

  • Alfius

nana, 23 Apr 2018please I am using N8 and the network is 2g...please I want ... moreI am using Oppo n3, how to replace from 3G to 4G.

  • Akmal_AK_

Am an Oppo fan when N1 & N1 Mini came up as those were really2 unique phone like no other. Then N3 came out & I felt like in heaven lol...bought it in 2015 & still kicking till now. Those people that are sad about no updates on N3, well personally I like Oppo didnt update their Color OS on N3 as latest Color OS starting from v3.0 - current are shit. They are like iphone wannabe IOS especially in camera interface. While N3's v2.0 looked unique just like other android phones.

Camera-wised, yeah 16mp without OIS really not that great but it was superb when comparing it with other flagships that day. A tips for you, switch to Ultra HD mode (64mp) if you really want a super detailed image when taking a pic. No other phone especially in Oppo's latest model till now (2018- early 2019) that have that kind of pixel level.

Right now I've got 2 phones which are Oppo N3 & Oppo Find X and still using both of them (motorized camera madness). I can tell you the Ultra HD image is more detailed, deeper zoom level & lesser noise when I compared it with Find X's HDR mode. That is its trump card as other than that Fine X & like other latest phone win over it

  • Shah Iran

I am using Oppo N3 since 2014 , its amazing, but there is no updates firmwares for the phone .

  • Chandu

My oppo n3 dosent shows any sort of system color os updates
Pls look over it

  • nana

please I am using N8 and the network is 2g...please I want to upgrade it to 3g,how do I do it?

  • user

Hello. Just asking if my o-click bluetooth dropped in the water, is it totally dead or I just change the battery. The board seems okay. Feeling sad. :'(

  • AnonD-467757

hy everyone this is zeeshan here from pakistan i bought this phone yesterday model number is N5207 pls inform me it is original one and it has Japanese Rom theres no playstore and some Japanese language apps preinstalled pls confirm from where i can get international Rom ??? and pls update about the camera quality of phone if someones using this phone i am lil bit disappointed from cam :(

waiting for response

  • Paul

Coconut , 05 Nov 2017How can I buy it. I live in Cambodia 🇰🇭 Yes I do have one here in Australia. 1st hand since 2014.
It's truly a dual win camera front rear both 16MP
Offer me a price if you're truly interested :) thanks mate

  • AnonD-722860

Coconut , 05 Nov 2017How can I buy it. I live in Cambodia 🇰🇭 too bad that oppo N3 is no longger produced. it became a rare phone

  • AnonD-722860

this is be the best phone i've ever had. unique and helpful to take a photo secretly without being noticed. with such an easy way to take panorama pict

  • Coconut

How can I buy it. I live in Cambodia 🇰🇭

  • AnonD-708217

phoenix90, 01 May 2017Hi everyone..long time not chatting about this phone..haha.... moreIt's motorized. You can controlled it by touching it inside the camera, use fingerprint port or using O-click that included when you bought it in 1 set of box.

  • AnonD-708217

K Steve , 09 Aug 2017oppo n3 is good but it has no update ?Yes. Nice phone but there no update in the firmware. Sad isn't it.

  • K Steve

oppo n3 is good but it has no update ?

  • phoenix90

Hi everyone..long time not chatting about this phone..haha..btw, i saw Lineage OS as Nougat 7.1.1 in youtube....and its look like fully functional normally...juz one thing i want to know..is the custom rom support the motorized rotating camera ???..anyone know about this please comment here..thank you..

  • Vikram

AnonD-195731, 25 Dec 2016Hello..hye everyone N3 users..i am a newbie user for this d... moreThis oppo people doesn't care any more
They just sell their product and forget about the customer
I think Oppo N3 is history

  • AnonD-195731

Hello..hye everyone N3 users..i am a newbie user for this device..i swap my old phone with this N3..i think this is a very good phone with good build quality..but juz one thing..why oppo doesn't made the latest firmware for their old smartphone?..i am still using a kitkat..huhu..anyone know how to upgrade firmware ??

  • Mohan b.k

How can I record my phone call. Actuall when I buy this oppo n3 mobile phone at this time it's sow call record option but not now. So plese anybody tell me how can I solve this proble and can record voice call.