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  • Rex

james guanteng, 10 Sep 2016i buy oppo n3 because its beautiful,but its cant open camre... moreDoes the N3 go on wifi is so hoe do i go about it

  • Anonymous

I had the N1 and bought the N3, because I wanted to use my LTE option of my contract. And what can I say... This smartphone is amazing, I think there is no other phone with all those opportunities. Especially the rotating camera is unique. I really hope, there will be a successor.

  • AnonD-586727

Anonymous, 30 May 2016Does the N3 have lollipop?No but as good as the phone is it doesn't matter color os runs great

  • james guanteng

i buy oppo n3 because its beautiful,but its cant open camre and moibile data iam very sad

  • AnonD-579042

Wawan, 26 Aug 2016My keyboard oppo n3 always hang..i just buy it not even one... moredownload keyboard from play store and then set the keyboard as a default

  • Wawan

My keyboard oppo n3 always hang..i just buy it not even one month..feel sad..but the camera is so beautiful..please..help me to repair the keyboard

  • sny rajput

i love oppo...it is very fentestic.....

  • waksope79

Eyy am in tanzania how can i get oppo n3???

  • AnonD-555866

I have been using this phone for almost a year, its really good quality, you only need the case so you wont damage the paint. The paint on the phone is coming off without the case when you drop it, so the only need for the case is to keep the phone looking good.

  • Anonymous

Does the N3 have lollipop?

  • shine

Hi. I've been using n3 for almost a year now. It's perfect for me!!! Specially the camera!!! But other than that no other feature, less updates and less themes!

  • sS

Oppo N3 Suggestion, 05 Apr 2016for me it's good, the camera is good. but after a month the... moreI had been using oppo n3 for about 1year. For me , i am satisfy with this phone. and my camera was still rotating like all new!

  • Oppo N3 Suggestion

for me it's good, the camera is good. but after a month the backflip cam is broken

  • Neo 3

Please go to your nearest good any android store. you will find answer of your problem.. Thank you.

  • AnonD-76800

How to use unlock privacy protection password

  • oddo@📱

im facing problem with oppo N3, after connect car bluetooth with my N3, auto answer via bluetooth when someone calling is failed.. how to solve this problem.. there is no option for driving mode?.anyone can help ?

  • ron takhan

hawa, 02 Jan 2016need help.please.. where the sign in to google.. account.. ... moreAndriod devices are easy to use,,first unboxing,,tirn on,,it will show you on display,,how to do,to use,,everything ,,onscreen ,,follw step ,,That'sit,,OK!?Good Luck😃😃

  • ron takhan

XDA..release that oppo n3 can upgrade to marshmallow vis costom rom,,
can anybody dod it?and please tell how it worl,,smoth? Or should not be update,,
Still being as Kitkat 4.4.4 from factory?
Please help

  • AnonD-490497

Does oppo n3 compatible with any VR glass????

  • AnonD-486907

Guys in using oppo n3 bought from dubai trust e since 5 month i never fave any issue, always works smooth never lag not even heatup