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  • MyName

AnonD-327210, 03 Nov 2014Beleive it or not but it was my idea to implement motorized... moreSorry guy, Oppo N1 already had a rotating camera and was annonced in september 2013.

  • AnonD-327210

Beleive it or not but it was my idea to implement motorized rotating camera, I gave this Idea an year ago at Oppo forums, see here the proof

  • mukesh

AnonD-326000, 31 Oct 2014Eagerly waiting for this. can some one suggest when it will... moreI think in15 nov 2014...

  • AnonD-307392

omman, 01 Nov 2014thought it was AMOLED ..No need to be AMOLED screen,the running color OS has make the screen look more details ,clear and increase the sharpness without AMOLED.

  • omman

thought it was AMOLED ..

  • AnonD-298487

TRUE respect to this specification aswsome

  • AnonD-80594

Oppo always has something to suprise us up in their sleeves and with N3, they have proved that they are the new Merlin in the Mobile world.

PS.Awaiting to buy this phone.

From India.

  • AnonD-326000

Eagerly waiting for this. can some one suggest when it will be available in India???

Remote controller for the rotating camera looks awesome. That is a feature that you actually will use. Good work Oppo!!

  • AnonD-267565

Oppo is trying to innovate but really needs some people with market savvy too. For one this phone is too tall, taller than even Samsung Note 4! I think a more compact 150mm tall phone with 5inch screen would have been better and more manageable. Also then the introductory price is just much.Motorisation of the cam, seems a sales gimmick. Pricing of some thing around CNY 3k would have been more palatable.

  • rishab

pretty, 29 Oct 2014it doesn't have radio? why? how sad?its different but it mu... morethat is because of the LTE.
the frequency doesn't supports it.

  • Mwimbe

I need it how can I get it in Tanzania East Africa

  • Ruy

Too bad there's no official representative of oppo in Qatar.
This is a monster phone, in a good way!
Congrats to oppo

  • Ejaz

Awesome mobile.

  • Richard

This phone not worth $650, since is outdated hardware except the camera feature.

  • pretty

it doesn't have radio? why? how sad?its different but it must have all the feature of other for this to buy even more :) i want it though :)

  • AnonD-13148

because rotating a camera manually is too hard to do, and "better" panoramic photography experience is reasonable to have higher price tag.

  • Maruti

awesome specs

  • Raj

What kind of phone it is.....
Oppo is something different....