Oppo R5s

Oppo R5s

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  • AWallis

Yes really beautiful phone but a real shame about the battery otherwise its pretty perfect

  • Anonymous

No earphone jack? So much being too thin.

  • sanid

ram & rom is the main difference between oppo r5 & r5s ... nothing else... disappointing...

  • boo

Uhm, still on Android v4.4.4 when v6 is about to be released?!
This is a new low from Oppo.

  • Dnyaneshwar

Beautiful design n build quality but poor battery n no 3.5mm jack..

  • AnonD-263429

Mine has shipped so should receive it in the next few days.

No 3.5mm jack doesn't matter to me as I switched to Bluetooth a while ago.

It'll be a second phone for me so I think it'll be fine. If used as a daily driver it'll need light usage to last... I've read reviews of 2-3 hours SOT. When it does need charging, 30 minutes of VOOC gets 75% so that's more than enough per day and I'm usually near power anyway.

The rest of the specs are excellent for the price, design and build. I passed on the R5 as 16gb and 2gb were not enough but this is too tempting not to at least try.

  • someone

non-removable 2,000 mAh and no 3.5mm jack? hope the disclaimer isn't 100% correct. Or else its gonna be worst phone of the year.

  • ccm

battery has too less capacity....

  • AnonD-351367

32 gb rom ..3gb ram..1080p resolution .. 423ppi.. 5.2 inch screen .. quad core 64bit processor.. .....,,,, and 2000 mAh battery... OPPO are you f*** kidding me.

  • Anonymous

beats r7 specs o.O

  • mohamed

No 3.5mm audio jack poor battery guys we are going forward or backward

  • Anonymous

battery is so bad

  • Anonymous

Non-removable Li-Po 2000 mAh battery ???!!!!!!


Ok I am buying it! Backside of phone I will attach 5000 mah power bank witk sticky tape ha ha ha;)


But Wait, what the hell going on with battery, 5.2 inch screen, only 2000 mah, are you guys joking? Or are you guys laughing at customers?


Oppo R5s, very beautiful phone@ welldone oppo