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Oppo R7

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  • Vin

Better use mi note pro :)

  • Anonymous

why r7 don't have gyro sensor? i can't use my VR cardboard..:(

  • Rhs rogue

DXyuyu, 20 May 2015Ha the specs are worst than my Galaxy S4Vooc charging, ram 3gb, woow

  • Emon

which one will be better?oppo r7 or htc desire 826? i cant compare this two phones.pls help me guys.

  • bwcruiser

Oppo announced they sold 5 million R7 in 6 days, joke of the century lol

  • nf^

First of all guys dont compare the specifications of this phone with the ones's currently available in the market. An oppo phone with 1gb ram and quad core processor is more than enough to handle octacore processor and 2 gb ram of any smaller brands and oppo is definitely into some serious photography i've compared a 5mp cam of this one with many other 13mp cameras out there in the market seriously guys this one is better than those in detailing. So stop commenting by the features of the phone this one is better in quality and you would get than what u expect

  • Bruce

Only 2320 mAh battery
what the heck
happy charging guys

  • Axis

My next smartphone will be this phone after htc 620g.

  • AnonD-210877

$378 here in indonesia,i prefer Zenfone 2

  • 1

Poor battery capacity, nothing special with the specifications and extremely overpriced, not worth!

  • Engr.Mizan

Poor battery capacity. its s/b lower capacity than a7...

  • ak47

Poor battery capacity. It should have at least 3000mh

  • John Allan

They make it thicker than R5.But its quite good cause R5 has worst battery wont last a day..

  • ne0

400$ lol , we can get G3 for same or even lower price now

  • Vic

Considering specs and brand - 400 USD is the way too much. I'd say that $300 would be a reasonable price for good quality (I hope) mid-range device from young company.

  • AnonD-397717

Does the r7 and r7 plus come with MaxxAudio? And what's the audio quality, being that i listen to music a lot i want a phone that has high volumes, good quality and a soundboard like MaxxAudio that comes with an equalizer and stuff.
Also, is this a good phone to go with for the price it'll come with? Or should i rather consider the asus zenfone2 for the top-notch performance?

  • Cellulard

Putilin, 13 May 2015Why worry about battery just buy a 500 rupees power bank.why stop with only one battery when you can load up your backpack with a bunch of them? In fact, let's just remain stationary leave it plugged into the wall even? Right? WRONG. Bigger battery = more mobility. Additional battery = less mobility.

  • Cellulard

DXyuyu, 20 May 2015Ha the specs are worst than my Galaxy S4Are you referring to the S4 with fewer CPU cores and 2/3 the RAM of the R7? Or the S4 with the weaker FFC? Perhaps you mean the S4 with no LTE Cat4? I'm confused... http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=72­21&idPhone2=5371

  • AnonD-367467

andy, 17 May 2015thats not right. the large one will have 5,5" and the small... moreR7 Plus have 6" screen bro...
not 5,5"

  • Anonymous