Oppo R7 Plus

Oppo R7 Plus

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  • AnonD-82892

logo on the front side makes the phone sexy

  • raz

I've bought the R5 knowing the absence of 3,5mm jack, and it's really annoying when I drive for instance > I've to choose between music and charging (even if really quick charged).

  • AnonD-367467

Anonymous, 12 May 2015this is the biggest ever! poor iphone 6 or plus .. this one... morethe biggest still Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6,4"

  • Phones freak

Zahin666, 12 May 2015No 3.5mm Jack!!!! Are they retarded?Oppo provides adapter for 3.5 mm headphone

  • Zahin666

No 3.5mm Jack!!!! Are they retarded?

  • Anonymous

this is the biggest ever! poor iphone 6 or plus .. this one's nicer!

  • indiano

i really can't wait for this. this phone is so cute .. like me. haha!

  • aivie

is it beautiful personally

  • AnonD-393866

Just another Oppo phone.

  • Rio

China copied china, lol

  • AnonD-292864

It looks like Huawei Ascend Mate 7.

  • bunty

its too big...

  • AnonD-175677

i like the design its actually this its really beautiful EXCEPT FOR THE SPEAKER
also i think they should put it on the bottom or in the front?

  • AnonD-393866

This phone is huge, plus it has a fingerprint censor.

  • smile

Copy of huawei mate 7

  • Alien

Mid specs! Nothing to see here, carry on..