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  • Love

Very lag 👎

  • Anonymous

Reno3 user, 25 Jul 2021This is the worse phone of the Reno series.Why

  • fas

helio p90 🤢🤢🤮🤮 why can't u give Helio G Series For This Price Range

  • Anonymous

Limited upgrades in the market

  • Oppo user

Mine is perfect

  • Reno3 user

This is the worse phone of the Reno series.

  • reno3 worse phone

i regret buying this phone. my reno 2 was way better than this and i actually started using my reno 2

  • Anonymous

A.m.b, 27 Jun 2021How about oppo Reno 3 now. After android 11update and is it... moreSamsung A32 can only be compared with Redmi 9, this both phone is the same Helio G80, but the price of samsung is twice as the redmi with the same FHD

Oppo used Helio P series, Helio P is higher than G series, this phone use UFS much faster than eMMC in G80

  • Yo daddy

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021Its gorrila glass 3 or 4It's gorilla Glass 5

  • Anonymous

A.m.b, 27 Jun 2021How about oppo Reno 3 now. After android 11update and is it... moreGood

  • A.m.b

How about oppo Reno 3 now. After android 11update and is it better than Samsung a32 ?

  • Asif

Call waiting setting is on but not work

  • Imx

Ghost touch everywhere and heats up like uhg so hot like summer

  • Anonymous

Oppo should find a way to make reno 3 works with the android 11. Since the update, the performance of reno 3 turns to worst. When browsing, its lagging, watching video, its lagging, even playing coc, still lagging. And to think this has an 8gb ram and with 128 gb internal memory.
I hope there will be an update soon.

  • Anonymous

Even with the april 2021 patch, phone was still lagging. Worst phone of oppo, i regret buying it.

  • Anonymous

Very overpriced, There is literally a phone which is half the price of this phone and its still better and it has a 120hz screen (Poco X3 pro)

  • anonymous

im not able to change my clock style because i didnt have the screen off clock feature after my reno3 was updated to 11

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020Please advise Oppo Reno 3 or Google Pixel 4a?Pixel 4a

  • Anonymous

After android 11 update, my reno 3 was a mess. Over heating, lagging, lossing wifi connection... Etc... the problems goes on and on. i hope i can go back to android 10, my reno 3 was on a better state then. Any idea how to downgrade to android 10? Tnx.

  • Neelam

Phone is update to new version after that my oppo Reno 3 do not work well.it's Auto on and off display. Give me solution please soon