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This phone is comparable to Samsung M series, Realme 6 pro, Redmi Note 9 pro, but in reviews just to hype the phone they are comparing it with Samsung Galaxy A71 • vivo X50 • OnePlus Nord • Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro. Just having better display alone doesn't make it a Mid range phone, it is budget phone with better display, so price it accordingly. No one will buy this trash for this price.

  • xcv

Rosso, 31 Jul 2020It's a midranger, what was the last time you saw midra... moreYou know Realme 6 Pro has telephoto camera, right? And Oppo is a parent company of Realme as you probably already know.

  • Ajaam fais

Mobile looks amazing with slim profile
But 730g or 765g should be a best soc for the mobile
Overpriced for 720g

better buy redmi note 9s or realme 6 pro , same chipset with this.... this one overpriced..

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2020"weak chipset" what the hell are you smoking? Do ... moreKiddo shut up lmao.. a Snapdragon 720G gets the job done but saying him expecting a "core i9" made me cringe so hard. he meant a snapdragon 765G or an 855. please get your information right and not make me cringe.

Not as convincing as it should be, no better processor, no telephoto Camera, Marco and depth camera Meh, no Stereo speakers and no good pricing, Chinese variant is much better than this varaint.

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2020no telephoto plus a weak chipset, what is happening oppo??It's a midranger, what was the last time you saw midranger with telephoto?

As for the chip, it should get the job done, tho it's a question if it will be overpriced for its performance.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2020no telephoto plus a weak chipset, what is happening oppo??"weak chipset" what the hell are you smoking? Do you want an i9-9900K and rtx 2080 on your smartphone?

No, you probably don't because that still wouldn't be powerful enough for you, huh? Even the upcoming RTX 3000 series are still garbage-tier outdated specs to you, huh?

Why don't you buy the Fugaku supercomputer? I bet even that won't be powerful enough for you.

  • Anonymous

no telephoto plus a weak chipset, what is happening oppo??

C'mon GSMArena tell us more u got it with u, can't wait for the review this Friday

  • Peter

When Reno 2 sales start the price in europe was at 500€.
I bought mine a month ago it runs color os v7 finally and i really like the price drop to 370€.
Probably the camera setup will be a little different. It doesn't make sense a 5mp bokeh camera, Reno 2 uses the zoom camera for bokeh and the 2mp sensor it's not exactly a bokeh sensor, it's a b/w sensor useful for night shots and portrait's. The 8mp ultrawide of the Reno 2 as autofocus so it can be used as macro.
So it seems more likely a 48mp with ois on the Reno 4 pro, a 13mp telephoto, a 12mp ultrawide with autofocus and macro mode and a 5mp b/w sensor with same features as the old 2mp of the Reno 2.
I think it will have a flagship performance with the camera sensors, with the 65w charging speed you won't need to worry with time spend plugged in for enough battery. A 90hz AMOLED panel is welcome. And of course oppo it's more expensive then the competition, you can see that in the build quality, OIS on a mid range, USB 3.1 against 2.0 of the competition, and probably as it happens on the Reno 2 those with a 4g contract with no data limits as my self will appreciate the lte cat 15 against the typical lte cat 6, with 800mb/s download speed and up to 300 upload.
Reno series came with a well made camera software and excellent results. So it's a matter of what you really need/want and how much are you willing to pay.

  • Sai

arun5959, 26 Jul 2020sd720 chipset and will be priced 27k. may as well come with... moreIt's truly useless if it goes above 25K

sd720 chipset and will be priced 27k. may as well come with plastic back. 48 mp camera whereas Reno 3 pro had 64 mp camera. This is a downgrade. Anything above 25k for this configuration , I am not going to buy.

China is so selfish with the stereo speakers. The world didnt need the 4th camera srsly. And also disappointed with the downgrade on tge chipset.

  • Anonymous

Her mirror is strong because your phones in the mirror are not so strong.

Sourav, 23 Jul 2020i think Oppo lost their ways....Yeah,

  • Sourav

Dennis.K, 22 Jul 2020Here we go again with oppo giving us some absolute trash in... morei think Oppo lost their ways....

  • Sourav

Chrsjns, 23 Jul 2020Which is better actually, sd765g vs sd720g?765g it's a 5g chip-set

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020how much for Realme 6 Pro with Amoled screen with some dow... moreLol realme 6 pro's cameras can't compete, oppo's has OIS and ultrawide can do 4K and also has af

  • Chrsjns

Which is better actually, sd765g vs sd720g?