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Oppo Reno5 5G

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  • slc
  • K6X
  • 23 Jun 2022

If you like no updates*, glitches and the "exciting" content to be only available to Indian and surrounds markets.

*they may come in the years to come, get Android 11 while the world is upto 15 maybe. Also I expect newer phones getting updates prior to older series. Any phone that needs a 3 year rollout plan to just do an update belongs in the piloe of zooms, you know there is.

    • b
    • bek
    • thf
    • 26 May 2022

    oppo reno 5 is a great phone heheheh actually i used it for a year thanks oppo

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 6mK
      • 18 Apr 2022

      good phone

        Got this phone about a week ago for $275. It's a really great package for that price. I love what Oppo and Realme have done to their OS, feels much snappier than OneUI or Miui(which I personally hate). It keeps just enough of the original Android while offering almost every extra customization option one might need.

        Zero heating during normal use or during that insane turbo charging, battery life is crazy good, idle battery drain is minimal (sign of a well designed OS). Performance is more than adequate. The screen is very good for this class, bright enough even in full sunlight. Camera is, again, fine. BT connection to my car is flawless. Wired Android Auto as well, Waze runs perfectly on the car screen and audio tracks play without delay via Bluetooth.

        I can definitely recommend this phone, but not at the insane prices that Oppo tries to charge for it. I'd say $350 tops is reasonable for this device.

          • L
          • Lova
          • XDX
          • 09 Mar 2022

          Is oppo reno 5 better than oppo reno 4 for daily use, like social media, netflix?

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • XIc
            • 04 Mar 2022

            The alarm font is really small and the camera zoom has a bit of lag, but otherwise a great phone.

              Some app crap on Android 12.. 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨🔨🔨🔨

                • R
                • Rossensation
                • I@H
                • 17 Feb 2022

                Got this phone for over a year now, it is awesome! Upgraded the latest software android 12 and the best feature i love the most is its 65W vooc charge, full charged in less than 30mins from 15% battery. And to my surprised,its still faster to charge up than to some of the flagship level phones like the samsung s22 which is 45W only 🤣

                  • S
                  • Saffa
                  • XGp
                  • 09 Feb 2022

                  Upgraded from Samsung and I must say, I actually wanted to downgrade on price. At this phone's price point, the specs are amazing. I'm most surprised by the fast charging, the vibrant screen, the quick refresh rate, overall OS user experience and the exquisite camera quality. In addition, it isn't a behemoth nor is it too small. Fits easily in my pocket. The only downside is the "glastic" back which doesn't feel as premium. It also smudges and scratch easily, so be sure to always have a case. With a screenprotector on, I have dropped this phone several times and it's still brand new. Gaming isn't a problem at all. CPU and RAM combination makes for smooth and lagless gaming. It's a great device and very underrated.

                    • K
                    • Kkkk
                    • KZJ
                    • 07 Feb 2022

                    After update os12,my phone got too much laggy...

                      • m
                      • musket
                      • Nsx
                      • 25 Jan 2022


                      also how do you take off screen lock , it only gives options from 15 seconds to 3 min and not no screen lock

                      Secondly, how do you get rid of the magazine page?

                        Yes, I received it yesterday.

                          • b
                          • bob
                          • u7V
                          • 06 Jan 2022

                          Anyone have get color os 12 android update?

                          My reno5 5G not yet until now 6 january 2022

                            📌This phone does not have a anti flickering feature, we suffer with the screen in long use and it causes headaches. We hope to add the feature in the nearest update، All competitors have this feature in AMOLED screen because of annoying flicker.

                              • J
                              • Jerry
                              • 3Z5
                              • 28 Dec 2021

                              Silentwalker, 25 Nov 2021I had the biggest laugh of my life when I saw how much this... moreIkr?? In my country costed 729 USD first few days and they lowerd it to 436. I think it was a mistake.

                                • K
                                • Kkkk
                                • YUU
                                • 12 Dec 2021

                                apollodollce, 29 Nov 2021Does it have Edge lighting option? Yes

                                  • a
                                  • apollodollce
                                  • srr
                                  • 29 Nov 2021

                                  Does it have Edge lighting option?

                                    • S
                                    • Silentwalker
                                    • ATV
                                    • 25 Nov 2021

                                    I had the biggest laugh of my life when I saw how much this phone costs in my country right now. Its almost a year old and the asking price is 884,79 USD. For this phone, no lol.
                                    You could get much better phones at the third the price.

                                      Well it's not a gaming phone so don't expect much from Snapdragon 765.

                                        • K
                                        • Kingsley
                                        • Nu6
                                        • 13 Nov 2021

                                        Is oppo Reno 5 a good gaming phone