Oppo Reno Ace

Oppo Reno Ace

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  • 2cent

looks amazing.. if available in serbia for 400e , will buy it

  • Finn_Tadashi

They should know that stereo speakers is a must have feature now. It's 2019 people.

  • TripleX


No NFC, No sale.

It's a shame as it has quite a lot going for otherwise.

  • Tino

i am missing Stereo Speakers and nfc in the specs-list so far-dunno why it should not have them too as 10x has them

  • Oppo user

LLL, 25 Sep 2019I fail to see how this is going to be better than the 10x Z... moreIndeed, none of the reno series seem to be an upgrade...reno 2z has some additional modes and reno ace better camera.....they should have maintained shark fin and periscope based camera lens for all reno models with different processors and different price points....

  • Anonymous

Why huawei didn't reach such speed?
It might have problems and burn. Don't rush buying it until we see it burns or not🙄

  • LLL

I fail to see how this is going to be better than the 10x Zoom. There are a few upgrades (chipset, screen, 3.5mm jack, fast charging) but also a big bummer that is the literal top notch. It makes the Ace looks just like a generic Realme phone from the front.

Questions for now:
- 5x periscope camera?
- stereo speakers?
- video recording using the tele (if any) and ultra wide cameras?
- water and dust resistance? (Since it won't have pop-up camera system anyway)

20:9?? Stop it (anyone higher - yes! - said Sony). To what use .. ehmm

  • djedje

lol no nfc

  • Anonymous

all phones lately are quite similar - borrriiinnggggggg

  • Anonymous

why the weight its about 200g ??

  • Anonymous

I want this phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019What the estimated price for this phone? I'm saying in Europe

  • Anonymous

What the estimated price for this phone?

Thank god, finally a phone with great specs.
4k mAh battery, 4 cameras, OLED, 90Hz Refresh Rate, Expandable Memory 65W Fast Charging, and a freaking 3,5mm Headphone Jack.
This is the type of phone you find in Area 51.