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Oppo Reno Z

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Color os7 android 10 undate plise

  • Anonymous

Color os 7. android 10

  • farhan

is anyone facing battery draining issue on standby? it loses more than 30% overnight even on power saving mode and all unneccessary bulshit turned off.

  • ok cool

Can I get GCam with this?
If so someone send a link for it

  • Anonymous

I can't update my Reno

  • Danny

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2020Got the 128gb/4gb version for £169 here in UK.... moreWhere did you get it from for that price ?

  • Anonymous

Got the 128gb/4gb version for £169 here in UK.

Got to be the best phone you can get for money, especially with twin speakers, AMOLED Display and in-screen finger print reader!

Was a little concerned with it having a MediaTek speaker, but this proved to be unfounded, does a great job.

  • ok cool

juanjmh, 19 Apr 2020Is it made of plastic or is the frame made of metal?Plastic

  • juanjmh

Is it made of plastic or is the frame made of metal?

  • Anonymous

Had had this about a week great phone good features and transition form old phone to new very quick even without using clone phone

  • trippex

This has been the perfect phone for the price period.

  • Anonymous

I found that it doesn't connect to screen mirroring to Samsung tv

Just bought yesterday for 8gb ram 128 gb storage. Any idea this phone could to wireless charging

Slaiter, 21 Nov 2019Yes Q1 2020It's great that Oppo will be supporting update for Android 10 for a mid-range phone. I own this phone and the battery life is far better than any phone I've used in the past.

  • ok cool

Gary, 23 Feb 2020I battery life is excellent. I have 4gb ram with 128gb Me... moreAhhh so you got the UK model as well!?

  • Gary

Shell, 07 Dec 2019I like the device but i don't have any idea about the batte... moreI battery life is excellent. I have 4gb ram with 128gb Memory version. Until now, I have used all android phones, this is the best one. Trust me u wont' regret, if u get it.

  • Gary

Bruno, 06 Dec 2019What size SIM card does it take?U can use micro sim cards in both sloths and both support 4g network.

  • karthik

phone is overheating and drain battery

  • heyeee

ok cool, 02 Jan 2020I just got this phone today, and how do I turn on video sta... moreit already has a video stabilization itself

  • Anonymous

shannyb, 12 Feb 2020Overheats, battery isnt as good as oneplus, screen brightne... morebeen using this phone 5 months and it never had a lag before. the battery too is excellent.