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Oppo Reno Z

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Great phone.. I buy 2 device from this model to my son's... Still working like a champ

  • Aaro

R3mba, 10 Aug 2020O+Is this phone india australia only??? I cannot find it n... moreYes

  • radium

very good phone for the price. Mine has updated to the latest version of color os at the time of making this (color os 11.1) and it seems to run it great. Glad to see that oppo updated a mid-range phone for more than one year.

6.5/10 performance in day to day tasks but i only have the 4GB RAM option so multitasking isn't that great.

7/10 camera: does pretty well but you don't want to be taking photos at night unless you want to use the night mode that takes quite a while to process but they did improve it quite a lot in color os 11

7/10 software: it's pretty good but it is very annoying how some wallpaper apps won't be able to apply a wallpaper to the lockscreen. Very nice how they added being able to use custom icons on the stock lanucher.

8/10 battery: very decent. gets me through a day with ease.

8.5/10 screen: the screen is really, really good. It may not be 120hz but still the colours look amazing and it's oled also, the fingerprint scanner is under the screen and is quite fast but i use the face unlock most of the time

  • One-time Samsung fan

This phone offers outstanding value for the price. I have found it to have superb battery life, a very good camera, good screen resolution and clarity, and generally excellent features. The speakers are fairly good, and the sound with earphones or via Bluetooth is excellent. Down side: no pen, -but then, not many phones have them. It has worked with no problems whatsoever. [My $1800 phone is far less satisfactory, is fault-ridden, and support is abominable.]

  • Sam London

Excellent mobile. Great features. Battery life is amazing. Camera is good. Overall experience is fantastic.

  • Anonymous

This is hands down the worst phone I have ever owned. The user experience is not well thought out, it feels like the engineers at Oppo are not capable of creating a cohesive or enjoyable software experience for their users. Every time I get a ColorOS update my work profile and all the apps I need for work are uninstalled. Push notifications are frequently delayed for days or not received at all. Simple interactions with the device are painful such as the fingerprint sensor not being able to wake the phone when a pin/pattern is required to unlock. Dark mode is a hot mess but at least they actually have it now.
Dear Oppo engineers, please stop just ticking boxes for features and focus more on your user experience.

  • Anonymous

No volte options

  • Anonymous

Bought in 2019, using after LG G4. Works fine so far, especially in battery life. But the camera lacks for details in zoom and overall resolution after G4. I'm glad for sound, performance (real quick and no stutter) at all.

O+Is this phone india australia only???
I cannot find it neither in china or eu ..

  • Reno z

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2020Color os 7. android 10Not recommend for colorOS 7. I am having lagging problem after the update

  • Deano

farhan, 06 Jul 2020is anyone facing battery draining issue on standby? it lose... moreNo if I leave my battery on %100 over night it will only lose about %2 it's very good on standby

  • 01483484644

Color os7 android 10 undate plise

  • Anonymous

Color os 7. android 10

  • farhan

is anyone facing battery draining issue on standby? it loses more than 30% overnight even on power saving mode and all unneccessary bulshit turned off.

  • ok cool

Can I get GCam with this?
If so someone send a link for it

  • Anonymous

I can't update my Reno

  • Danny

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2020Got the 128gb/4gb version for £169 here in UK.... moreWhere did you get it from for that price ?

  • Anonymous

Got the 128gb/4gb version for £169 here in UK.

Got to be the best phone you can get for money, especially with twin speakers, AMOLED Display and in-screen finger print reader!

Was a little concerned with it having a MediaTek speaker, but this proved to be unfounded, does a great job.

  • ok cool

juanjmh, 19 Apr 2020Is it made of plastic or is the frame made of metal?Plastic

  • juanjmh

Is it made of plastic or is the frame made of metal?