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Daniel Jiao, 13 May 2019Helio P90? is that Mediatek's new flagship chipset?Flagship's soc is Helio X serie (the last one was X30 - the same year Qualcomm released Snapdragon 835)

P90 is Snapdragon 710's competitor :

* Nearly the same CPU :
- Big cores : 2xA75 - 2.2ghz (renamed Kryo Gold on Qualcomm)
- Little cores : 6xA55 - 2.2ghz (Kryo Silver 1.7ghz)
* Close GPU : I think PowerVR9446 is maybe 10% weaker
* Same 2x16bits lpddr4x 1866mhz

What is better on P90
* Triple ISP for cameras allows 48MP with zero shutter delay and noise réduction
* AI with dual-core Tensilica P6 and dedicated AI processor (AI-benchmark's score is close to SD855)

What is better on SD710 :
- 10nm (vs 12)
- lte category 15 (vs 12)

Great to see a phone with this soc!

Helio P90? is that Mediatek's new flagship chipset?