Oppo teases a smartwatch and new TWS headphones at Inno Day 2019

Yordan, 10 December 2019

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is having its Inno Day 2019 where we see its latest innovations, developed throughout the year. Last year we reported the arrival of a periscope-type camera with 10x zoom, and now we were cordially invited by the company to attend this year’s event in Shenzhen, China.

During the presentation, Oppo teased plenty of technologies and gadgets, including a smartwatch and new truly wireless headphones with Voice AI. It also announced a 5G CPE (essentially a 5G router for homes) and AR glasses.

Oppo 5G CPE ppo 5G CPE Oppo AR Glasses Oppo AR Glasses
Oppo 5G CPE • Oppo AR Glasses

The main topic of the Oppo Inno Day 2019 was the 5G connectivity and what the future holds for us. The stage was occupied by senior executives of the company, as well as the executive director of IHS Markit, who spoke about unleashing opportunities with the power of 5G.

Levin Liu, VP at Oppo, took the stage and revealed the AR headset will use a fisheye camera, diffractive waveguide technology, and 3D reconstruction to create images to be seen in the augmented reality.

Speaking about the smartwatch, we should expect the wearable in Q1 2020, and while we didn’t hear any specs and we didn’t see any actual shots of it aside from that one shade of a rectangular watch face, Liu promised it will be an extension of the smartphone with AI and deep learning.

Oppo smartwatch Oppo TWS headphones Oppo 5G CPE Oppo AR glasses
Oppo smartwatch • Oppo TWS headphones • Oppo 5G CPE • Oppo AR glasses

Speaking about the 5G CPE, we do have more specs - it will act as a hub for all IoT devices at home and will have Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon X55 modem. It will work both on SA and NSA networks and should be released next quarter.

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Reader comments

  • MD.humainkobir
  • 26 Feb 2020
  • uNV

Excellent .

  • Anonymous
  • 25 Dec 2019
  • Ixj

Yeah. Better connectivity, bigger (and compact) battery, new aesthetics, more features, better drivers to name a few

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab
  • 10 Dec 2019
  • nrX

Still rocking i9S-TWS is there any point to all these new TWS coming? c:

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