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  • funturstic

eyal, 29 Jun 2020israel where did you buy it?Bought mine through giztop.com. Although they advertise the watch as brand new..... Same story- Oppo watch locked to some Chinese account because someone used it before and its therefore completely unusable to the buyer. Returned it back to them... they didn't pick it and it got sent back to me. Long story short... I was scammed. Only buy online with money you can afford to lose.
By the way, the refund they offer if the product is not usable is USD20 only!!!!

  • Anonymous

OnePlus superior, 20 Jul 2020Woah, they having a laugh?? That's more than my galaxy... moreThere is no IP rating because there is 3ATM on the 41mm and 5ATM on the 46mm. Both are way better than IP-XX ratings. I don't know why it seems bad to you, but I think, that it beats pretty much all of the competition. And btw Oppo is a luxury brand.

  • Anonymous

nobrain, 20 Jul 2020nope, international version is only in chinese!International version isn't even out yet, the chinese version has some english but very little from what I've heard.

  • Anonymous

Punisher, 21 Jul 2020There is no watch using Snapdragon 4100 yetOppo could be a leader in 'something'. A golden opportunity to be FIRST.

  • Punisher

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020Qualcom's Snapdragon Chip is two generations out of da... moreThere is no watch using Snapdragon 4100 yet

  • Anonymous

Qualcom's Snapdragon Chip is two generations out of date. The 3100 is old; the current platform is 4100 and 4100+ which brings enhanced performance and longer battery life amongst other benefits. WHY Oppo is using old, out of date chips in this "new" release is a mystery. It can only be profit driven to extract every extra $$ out of this to the detriment of end-users and customers. Otherwise, it seems good except it is over-priced!

  • Anonymous

wireless charging??

Woah, they having a laugh?? That's more than my galaxy watch and it won't last as long batterywise with that 28nm chip compared to Samsung's 10mm for the price just getting an Apple watch series 3 or 4 or see what other parties have to offer but I couldn't even see Oppp fan boys going for this, and no IP rating, this would've of been expensive to make, isn't Oppo a more budget brand??

Way too overpriced.

  • Anonymous

Man that's a ripoff! But what else can you expect off them

  • nobrain

green777, 06 Jul 2020does it has english language ? nope, international version is only in chinese!

  • green777

does it has english language ?

  • Anonymous

With the release of Qualcomm's new 4100 chipset:

The chipset used in the Oppo Watch being 2500 is 4 generations "out of date" from launch. Oppo Watch uses 2500, not even 2800 or even 3100 all of which are BETTER of course but now with 4100 available Oppo is "way out of date" with performance on the watch. WHY, I wonder?! Incompetence?

  • eyal

ISRAEL, 25 Jun 2020I have a question, i bought an oppo watc but i cannot pair ... moreisrael where did you buy it?


I have a question, i bought an oppo watc but i cannot pair it with my cell phone, but it says that it is already linked to another account, what can i do?

  • Delaneau

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2020Apple Watch Wannabe 😂It just look like the same as all watches do

  • android bot

Anonymous, 28 May 2020That Wear 2500 chipset is two generations out-of-date. The... morebecause oppo watch runs a real android 8.1, however 3100/3300 only support android wearOS, which is a incomplete version of android

  • Rafa

Does it have Wear OS apps?

Please Oppo do a international (or europe at least) version of oppo watch.
Ordered one from CN but eSIM did not work in Europe
I loved it. I had to return it thus no eSIM is no go for me that was main reason.
Super fast charge, amazing screen and design and fastness

Oppo promised europe version but please do it sooner than later!

  • Anonymous

That Wear 2500 chipset is two generations out-of-date. There is a 3100 and a 3300 since the one they are using in this "new" watch. Why would they do that? It is out of date from launch?