Orange offers Samsung i8910 Omnia HD starting from 97.50 GBP

20 May, 2009

One of the hottest names of the season - the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD is already available throughout Orange stores in the UK. Worth from 97.50 GBP to 293.30 GBP depending on your contract, the exciting touchscreen can also be ordered online from the carrier's website.

In order to grab a brand new Omnia HD and set off to recording your own HD movies you need to sign an 18-month contract. A 34.25 GBP per month contract for 18 months will make sure that you get the Samsung i8910 for slightly less than 100 GBP, while the 24.46 GBP per month contracts suggest a heftier 293.50 GBP price tag. Bear in mind that the quoted contract prices are valid only when ordering the handset online, while signing one at a store will raise their prices by about 5 GBP per month.

We doubt that there's anthing you don't know about the Omnia HD, but feel free to check our preview of the handset, complemented with tons of camera and video samples here.


Reader comments

  • Charlie

It sucks that its only on orange. I'd only get it if it comes to Vodafone but they have no info on it so doesnt look good.

  • kroso34

im happy with my omnia hd, is so quick, better like i expected. if i compare with nokia 96, is so so faster.amazing stuff

  • Daffy^Duck

Thnx everyone for all the contract prices... YAAY... congrats, u got the phone... But could you tell us how well its performance, sound quality, camera, etc... are?? Thnx ya'll and congrats once again...

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