Orange offers Samsung i8910 Omnia HD starting from 97.50 GBP

20 May, 2009
One of the hottest names of the season - the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD is already available throughout Orange stores in the UK. Worth from 97.50 GBP to 293.30 GBP depending on your contract, the...

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  • Charlie

It sucks that its only on orange. I'd only get it if it comes to Vodafone but they have no info on it so doesnt look good.

  • kroso34

im happy with my omnia hd, is so quick, better like i expected.
if i compare with nokia 96, is so so faster.amazing stuff

  • Daffy^Duck

Thnx everyone for all the contract prices... YAAY... congrats, u got the phone...
But could you tell us how well its performance, sound quality, camera, etc... are??
Thnx ya'll and congrats once again...

  • Jackal1709

The phone has a decent spec (except the lack of lens cover and it being ugly!) but can't see it as being a significant step on from the i8510 i have now which i got from CPW as Orange didn't take it up - dunno why as they got the Pixon which GSM Arena found to be a worse phone on the 8MP shootout! The i8901 is probably only good to get if you want an iphone type device as the spec is waaaaaay better than apple's offering but for now (if you can get the 16GB version anywhere? failing that it'll take 16 or 32GB memory cards) i'll just keep waiting to see what we get between now and end of year when my upgrade is due...

  • dannieboy6

This phone, just with a 3,2 inch screen, and no thick borders at the top and bottom would be the perfect phone. As it is at the moment it looks far too large to keep in jean pockets.

  • Chris85

Does anyone know if Vodafone will release the i8910?

  • Anonymous

Orange stores do it free on the same deals as online now which is cool. Dont appear to have Orange software stuck on it either! Awesome!

  • Anonymous

carphone are doing it locked to orange, cant wait 2 play about with it

  • Anonymous

Samsung Omnia HD runs on S60-UIq ... its a shame... winmo is better to HacK... sorry Samsung for your small HD 720i I keep my i900 for this time and wait for new Toshiba high screen products.

  • madmonkeymatmassived

i've got one direct from the orange shop it works perfect and they are now free on £40 PER MONTH DEALS orange havent altered the software too much so its the dogs bollards in handsets

  • Bumdada

[deleted post]Kiwi, pls dont go for such vendors. It must be some fraud.

  • Dave

Orange locked phones are awful, we want Gsm phones. Orange software breaks phones and I consider their software to be beta test. Carphone Warehouse's are unlocked straight from samsung. (still available on Orange). I'd go there. or somewhere similar online.

  • Anonymous

chris, 20 May 2009this is complete rubbish the phone is not £97.50 on £34.25 ... moreretard

  • Anonymous

no hdmi..??? DLNA is good enough but if they had a HDMI on the proto..

  • Unknown

When is it coming out on Vodafone???????????????????

  • Anonymous

I got it for nothing off orange :-)

  • tucks

[deleted post]if you want to be ripped off everyone go to phones4u, be warned there after your money and nothing else.

  • P4uBoy

Phone has just turned up, Orange box as ever is disappointing. No flair, nothing interesting.

Phones is pretty nice, back cover not very gfood but that's expected. Turning it on and greeted with the same Samsung touch interface. Using a Tocco Ultra next to it and they're pretty much the same.

Again, camer quality is pretty much the same, still doesn't compare to the C905 I use IMO.

Video quality on the other hand is simply amazing. Just recored a short clip and the playback is fantastic. Focus is not great up close to objects (Keyboards are pretty much unreadable when filmed up close) But overall the quality is very good!!!

  • Anonymous

Great..... really wanted this phone but its on orange which would make it unusable in my house due to a suck ass signal.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 May 2009if is not NOKIA keep develop the s60, will it become s60 v9... moreYes, Symbian is open source and Samsung is a licencee, so anything Nokia develops will be open to Samsung too.