Orange offers Samsung i8910 Omnia HD starting from 97.50 GBP

20 May, 2009
One of the hottest names of the season - the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD is already available throughout Orange stores in the UK. Worth from 97.50 GBP to 293.30 GBP depending on your contract, the...

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  • Seb Mason

When is this actually coming out on other networks?
I can't have Orange, (no signal at work/home)

I want it on o2...

I'm surprised Orange got the exclusive.

  • S

I've already got my i8910 it's amazing!
I'm paying £45 a month for 1200 minutes 500 texts unlimited landline 01 and 02 numbers only.
and 500mb (unlimited*) internet for the phone
18mo contract (wish they had 12mo)

PHONE WAS FREEE!!!!!!!! Orange have dropped the £100 charge on contracts over £45!

  • Anonymous

Out of date?! The N95 is still rocking 2 years after its launch. And in 18 months all we will see is the idou and whatever LG throws out. For my money i would rather this now than wait for the idou.

And it will be along time before orange's exclusive on this phone runs out.

And i will happliy put up with an extra

  • AK

This phone's good but is a bit on the large side. Too big to operate with a small hand.

  • JSX

If you're interested in the i8910 Omnia HD, check out They've got it in stock and much cheaper than Orange. Got mine today, it is quite big but it needs to be for the touchscreen. The AMOLED is the best display i've ever seen!


  • Oran

I sold this phone yesterday with orange, 1200 min, unlimited landline, 500 text, unlimited internet and free sat nav £39 a month on 18 month plan. Lady paid £97.50 for the phone

  • Anonymous

can't wait to buy it !

  • Seb Mason

Anyone that pays for a handset on a contract deserves to be ripped off. Funny thing is, you pay MORE in the shops!!?!?!?

Wait till it comes out on other networks, and then go onto somewere like carphonewarehouse or or whatever.

Or Better yet, buy off ebay and get a SIM only rolling contract.
(but you'll have to wait a few months cause they will be EXPENSIVE on ebay in the first month they are out)

Just my 2 pennies! Can't wait to get this phone, I just hope they have solved the Audio quality on the video side of things....
One can hope.

  • Anonymous

This phone kick n97 ass .

  • Anonymous

N97 killer has arrived, just in time to knock the wind out of it's sails.

Just as I predicted when the N97 was first announced 6 months ago.

The Palm Pre launches soon and Apple has something up it's sleeve.

Android phones are slowly appearing, the Diamond 2 and Storm 2 it looks like a hot competitive summer is coming up in the smartphone segment.

  • the waiter

hey' his some one know if this orange program to the omnia HD is all so in israel??????????

  • Chad

How much will this phone cost in the us? i'm guessing 700 $

  • discoveryrs

better than Iphone

  • J

Specs are great, but phone is huge. Its too big

  • brynn

No thanks i am in a sane mind ,,i am not paying that money for a silly fone ..That will pay for a new laptop or pay mine fone bill and tv licence

  • simon

yipee 1st lol alot of money for a phone thats gonna be out of date well before you 18 month contracts over....