Orange Switzerland to unleash the Nokia N9 on September 15th

01 August, 2011

As you may be aware, the N9 is the swan-song device that represents the end of the Nokia/MeeGo marriage. A fitting end but still a sad one to be sure.

The N9 has received plenty of praise during its pre-release life from reviewers and industry types to boot. Even we have had the pleasure of being charmed by its unique user experience and its wonderful design.

But of course despite all the buzz surrounding its existence and its lifespan, it still hasn't actually been unleashed on the general public. One of a small handful to put a time to the release of the N9 however has been Orange Switzerland. Their online store quotes the N9's expected arrival from September 15. Wonderful news, especially to those who are MeeGo fans.

In case you're not fully clued up, the Nokia N9 is the latest and last MeeGo device from Nokia as they plan to turn their efforts into pushing Windows Phone 7 in a big way. This device will be coming to a host of territories but missing out on some pretty big markets, including the US and the UK, this news correlating with likely launch locations of Nokia's first WP7 device, an effective doppelgänger of the N9, the Nokia W9 Sea Ray.

With only hints of pricing, there's nothing more we can confirm at this time, but if you want to know more about the device there are a host of articles (linked throughout this post) on the N9 along with our hands-on which you can read here, some camera samples you can admire here and the full spec list which you can read here.

The Nokia N9 introduction video as found on Orange Switzerland's N9 page

So are you one of the lucky Swiss citizens who plans on picking up an N9 or are you in the unenviable position of being stuck in a part of the globe where the N9 won't be showing its face, let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

  • Ozric

I really hope that sales of the N9 skyrocket! The best phone to come out in years only to be killed off by the so called Nokia boss, clearly Elop is not looking to improve Nokia's fortune!and of course we all really know that his real bosses are back...

  • bruise

it would b a slap for android, its class man . dis is actually class apart.

  • carlo

well, who needs android if meego is much better.. i'm buying n9 when it is released in middle east.. hopefully.