Our battery life champions Buyer’s Guide video for the 2021 Holiday season

Yordan, 04 December 2021

The year is wrapping up and right in time for the holidays, we’ve gathered the best smartphones for those that value battery life. We keep a list of devices that gets regularly updated, but now Angie has taken it to YouTube to present the best phones from all price categories that excel in terms of battery life.

We have suggestions from pretty much every major player on the market - Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and its subsidiaries, as well as two Oplus brands - Realme and OnePlus. Enjoy the video!


Reader comments

Lightweight operating system like ios can't compete with heavy duty android. Optimization scam of ios has been exposed long back

  • zain

iphones have better video better performance way better speakers more consistant camera (unlike on the s21 ultra one photo is amazing! and the rest is worse than a 10 dollar phone) and the best battery life way better than the s21 ultra and i keep it...

  • dum again

Wow no knowledge of ios just a 10 year old saying things out of anything ios is optimized highly from software to hardware if you worked at apple you would know but you didnt ios is highly optimzied why do you think the latest iphones have the bes...

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