Our Realme 3 video review is up

Peter, 07 March 2019

The Realme 3 is pretty confident in its photography skills, it even challenged the Redmi Note 7 and Galaxy M20 to a photo shootout. But let’s make one thing clear first – this isn’t a “third generation” Realme, the brand is not even a year old yet.

Realme’s lineup is not the easiest to navigate. Our video review should be your jumping off point. It covers the new Chroma Boost and Night Mode features for the camera and more. Actually, you may want to watch this even if you have your sights set on another Realme – these features are coming to older models too.

But if the Realme 3 is the one you want, check out our written review for more details, including the chipset situation – it's Helio P60 in most of the world and P70 in India. Either way, it's an upgrade over the Realme 2, which had a Snapdragon 450 at a similar price point.

These two phones also share the 720p+ screen, though the Realme 3 has a small teardrop notch. The selfie camera in that notch is better – 13MP, up from 8MP – though not as impressive as the 25MP front camera on the U1. Don’t worry, the last page of the written review goes over the Realme 3 competition (both from its siblings and from other brands).


Reader comments

Lol Gsmarena waiting for review Unit.

  • Bobby
  • 08 Mar 2019
  • xDq

Iphone XR has the same resolution! but huge price tag

Just comes to show that context/real world use is far more valuable than the raw number's the 675 is better at graphics but at 720p screen the p70 destroys the redmi note 7 at playing games

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