Our Samsung Galaxy A40 video review is up

Victor, 05 May 2019

If you keep a close enough eye on our YouTube channel (which you totally should) you might just feel like we already did the Galaxy A40. Well, frankly, we can't blame you as all the confusion around the plethora of new models Samsung recently unveiled is perfectly understandable.

Just to keep the record straight, that was our Galaxy A50 video review - the Galaxy A40's slightly more premium sibling. The A40 is actually the second smallest member of the new "A" family, with a diagonal of just 5.9 inches, right after the A20e.

Samsung's new mid-range compact offer is going up against the like of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 or the Nokia 7.1. It's an intriguing device that doesn’t truly stand out in any aspect, except perhaps that gorgeous Super AMOLED panel in a compact form factor. Crucially though, the Galaxy A40 manages to be a well-rounded phone and a potentially great offer for the right crowd.

That being said, in true mid-ranger fashion, the Galaxy A40 had to cut some corners to make the budget. A slightly underperforming 14nm Exynos 7885 chipset, lack of 4K video capture and camera stabilization standing out as the more prominent ones. So, be sure to give the video a quick watch so Will can help you decide whether the Galaxy A40 has the right mid-ranger mix for you. There is also our in-depth written review for more on the matter.


Reader comments

  • shanefalcoX

Finally a smartphone with human dimension and top display!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know why Samsung is dragging its feet in coming out with a new rugged phone?

Nope, Samsung released 4/18 phones that are < 6". Huawei and Honor have 1/13 and 1/6 respectively. Xiaomi, however, has 2/10 of these Seems like Apple is about to release a compact as well. Although obviously, these guys will be releasing mor...

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