Our Xiaomi Mi Max 3 video review is up

Vlad, 10 September 2018

Remember when, in 2011, the original Samsung Galaxy Note was considered huge with its 5.3" touchscreen? Those were the days. Irony aside, Xiaomi's Mi Max 3 brings a 6.9-inch display to the table, basically bordering on what used to be small tablet territory. Those are definitely not a thing anymore, and big smartphones like this one are part of the reason why.

Anyway, the Mi Max 3 modernizes the formula of its predecessors, with its 18:9 screen. It also packs an even bigger battery - 5,500 mAh this time. Find out everything you need to know about it in our sweet and short video review embedded below.

Now, if you need even more specific details about the Mi Max 3, including how it fared in all of our lab tests, don't miss our in-depth written review of the phone.


Reader comments

Three things l would prefer different: fingerprint scanner to be lower, the screen to be a bit wider (follow max 2's ratio) and the virtual buttons to be outside the screen. Still, thank you Xiaomi for helping us escape Apple's and Samsung's absurd p...

Then I guess you'll just have to wait a little longer :-) I see at gearbest they have the global version on pre-sale, USD399 for 4GB, ending on September 19th, so perhaps it will be wider available then. I also checked geekbuying, they ha...

breaking news...i saw it on ebay but only black color. 4GB RAM. I asked the seller about it he confirmed it is the global version from factory no modifications. he is in texas. i also asked when he would get his hand on 6GB RAM...blue color my choice...

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