Palm to announce new OS at CES

15 Dec, 2008

Rumor morphing into headline, Palm continue to claw their way into the spotlight. The build-up to CES (January 8 - 11, 2009) is well under way, as Business Week looks quite in-depth at troubled but keen to bounce back Palm. They are obviously about to debut their new OS, code-named Nova, as well as maybe some of the first devices to run on it.

The current portfolio of PDA and smartphone makers Palm ranges over two operating systems - Palm and WinMo. Their latest Palm Treo Pro is powered by Windows Mobile Professional, while the most prominent Palm OS device is Centro. The Nova operating system, elsewhere referred to as Palm OS II, is said to be Palm's take at getting the best of two worlds - of business-minded communicators and multimedia gadgets. They hope the new OS will help them exploit a shortage users are still experiencing, as no single product can satisfy all contemporary mobile needs.

With Palm's Nova set to debut in less than a month, we guess we'll just sit back and wait with two A's in mind. Apple and Android.



Reader comments

  • sj

hope this nova os can be backward flashed as firmware of older treos. hint! hint!

  • Anonymous

and there are still complete failures like yourself with no life to speak of who spend all their time trying to make themselves feel better by bringing those who dont know about every single phone ever made down. well done. how bout simply offering o...

  • Anonymous

Why not use Android OS + Palm user interface (UI) ??? Much better ...