Panasonic G60

Panasonic G60

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  • shaik javeed

can any one tell me the extra socket provided in the g60 is for a datacable or a cam. if any one of these what r the functions & where can i get them in india?

  • Nicole

I am extremely disapointed with this phone. Downloadable graphics and ringtones (to compose) are difficult to get hold of. The bright colours and bland ringtones are the only plus points on this phone. It is a simple phone, good for text meassaging only.

  • goose hed

this is deffinately the ugliest chick ive cum across so far, yuck! ugly mole!!!!!

  • badger milk

its a good fone but its too farking light, i dropped it out of my pocket and didnt notice any change o' weight in my pocket, but its just damn sexy otherwise

  • Anonymous

its really gd cause u can change the cover 4 free!! all u do is go on the panasonic website and get an image in 4 free! :):):):):):)

  • Anonymous

its really gd!except the mobile games u can only get 1 so wen u download another u waste ure credit cos u can only av 1 game at a time!!

  • G60

I've this phone for one week now and I can say that it's fantastic. The terminal itself is compact with well spaced buttons. The color screen is with 4096 colors beautiful and clear. You have the choice between several color backgrounds and you can even make one yourself by taking a picture with the additional camera. Don't expect a wonder while taking pics. The quality is good but far waway from the digital cameras. The ringtones are loud and very clear. the call quality is very good, even better than on my old GD93 which was also good. You can hear very clear the one who is talking to you on the other side of the line. Signal sensitivity is the best I've ever seen on a Panasonic mobile phone. Although I think that an external antenna provides a better signal, this internal antenna does really a good job. Text messaging is very clever and you can, ofcourse, make a longer sms than the 160 characters available. SMS, EMS, MMS, it's all supported by this phone. GPRS is available as an alternative for WAP and works fine. You can change the time for the background light. You can choose between 10, 30 or 60 seconds. You can also turn it off, just like the keyboard. The memory is fairly big, you can save a lot of pictures and messages. For the cover lovers, there's no option for that but a much better alternative and it's for free. You can put in a picture in the back of the phone. Great! The user interface has inproved and is simple to use. With the five-way cursor on the phone, you can select the items. Downloading of wallpapers, games and ringtones is available but it's not in every country available. You can get started with Panasonic Box where you can get some wallpapers and tones with WAP. Works fine. The reliability is always good. Panasonic is very good at that. They make less models than the competition but they pay more attention to their phones. There's always a little chance that you're unlucky because it's technology but with Panasonic you're fairly safe. The software is good but rather slow when working with wallpapers and photos. The loading of these pictures for an mms is taking about 5-10 seconds. It means nothing for me but maybe it does for some people. In the language dutch you've some words who aren't spelled correctly but these are details. A very good, reliable phone at a price very competitive. Recommended!

  • adouko

supere portable performant

  • Galant

Maybe most people who complain about this phone should buy a Gameboy. A phone is meant for calls and sms, not for changing covers, playing games and so on. The battery life is ok, it lasts for three days by making calls, photos and writing some sms and that's enough. By the way, energy consumption is much higher with color screen. Great phone anyway.

  • john

this phone sucks!!! the battery dosent last long, cant change the cover, cant download any new games, hav only black jack on it!! and the memories small

  • vamsee

An outstanding performer in that range and sure thriller. A perfect phone from panasonic again with stunning features like: 1.very large screen 2.bright 128x128 pixels 3.Full flexible memory accessory 5.sms,ems,mms,grp-sms,chat 6.copy/cut & paste text 7.loud & rocky poly tones 8.loud H'free speaker 9.all dwnloadable stuff 10.wap.2 11.adv.class 8 GPRS make ease of browsing 12.200 memory 13.personnal group settings 14.plenty of profiles 15.calander and scheduler 16.Easy navigation with onscreen icons 17.compatible with nokia tunes and logos 18.voice record at loud sound 19.Other party voice memo 20.slim n stylish look Feel free to call me for any quiries

  • i luv fones


  • s.p. thakur

dear sirs,
pls tel me how to download polyphonic ringtones in my panasonic g-60

  • Danny

I have this phone and it is great,I'm not really bothered if you have to use the wap to see the images,I bought it for £89.99,so a picture phone it is a good price.Everything from the style to the ringtones on this mobile is great.

  • Anonymous

Poor phone
1. It got MMS but , theres no image avalable in phone. Maybe Panasonic wanna force everyone visit its wap site (panasonic box) to download some pics
2. Short memory and not shared, you cant save more than 20 pics
3. no solfware to transfer between phone and PC (to edit pics, melodies...) , you cannot have images unless via WAP
4. Ringtones really suck
5. battery life time is so short
6. The cover is easy to be dirty

  • shuichi

the bad thing about this is u cant change the cover... and the rest r fine

  • michael

i think its a goood mobile

  • Panaman

No,Gergana, the biggest Panasonic fan, that's me! ;-)I've always bought their quality products! I'm wondering if I should buy the GD87 or this G60. I love clamshells but they are always so expensive.

  • Gergana Deneva

I am maybe the biggest fan of Panasonic around and I was so proud to advertise their phones. I find this a stylish and elegant phone that looks good in both male and female hand.

  • Peter

Thanks Mobiman, i will save up and buy this phone then, bye now