Panasonic G60

Panasonic G60

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  • Mobiman

I'm a Panasonic fan for years and they are really good. If you've bought him, you made a good choice. Sony Ericsson is good but they're less reliable.

  • Peter

This is actually my dream fone, it seems really cool, but i am confused about whether i should save up a little longer and get a sony ericcson T610, that also seems cool, but i am going to get this phone instead, have i made the right choice or not?

  • sophie nicholson

hi everyone, um i waz just wondering if someone could either post or email me wat this phone has. preferably someone that actually has the phone. You see, i am getting it for christmas, but latley i have read lots of bad reports on the phone. is it really that bad please help me! and you know how it has a composer on it does it compose polyphonic ringtones or normal ringtones?

  • Anonymous

its a mad fone

  • king kong

i think it is really crap make a good phone before you email me back or i will get a gat BANG!! BANG!!

  • Haritha

I'm also confused as to which phone to buy but I found philips 530 better.It's worth the price plus it has got infra red port,voice functions,FM radio and lots of other features that aren't included in pan g60.For a complete list of features of phil 530 go here
.Coming to ringtones,panasonic ringtones go down after some time.I have gd55 at present but the sound quality has reduced from the time I bought it.So Nishant ,I would suggest that you wait until phil 530 is released.Its price is a bit more than g60 but it is worth.Other options I found good are pan g51 and sony eric t630.pan g60 is around 210$ and phil 530 is around 265$.

  • Gnell

Hello, how is the messaging of G60? When you open the Inbox, does it show the sender rather than the first few words of the message, or the other way around?

The camera is separate, but I've heard rumors that Panasonic isn't going to release the camera accessory anymore?!

  • Anonymous

can someone please tell me if the panasonic G60 is better than the Nokia 3100. i have heard that the nokia 3100 has better games but the panasonic G60 has better ring tones. is the camera built into the phone or is it seperate? please tell me which opne you thing is better. Thankyou

  • nishant

thanks SAMUEL it will help me very much one more question does the additional camera have cord!!! & are ring tone down loadable.please reply soon

  • Lars Henriksen

I have just bought this phone and can tell you no lies. This phone rocks. Exellent!!

  • Samuel

Nishant, I think Panasonic G60 is a better choice. I bought this phone recently and found that the polyphonic tones really loud & clear, picture resolution as compared to nokia 4096 color, it's better & larger LCD screen. Beside, it also support MMS/EMS/SMS. In addition, the feel of the phone is more solid-aluminium chrome case & also can receive all the nokia picture messages & able to store, no problems with all chinese sms. Best of all, the price is much cheaper than many color phone in the market. No point buy color phone without MMS capabilities-after a while you will get bored because you only see but cannot send & recieve mms. Hope all this will help you in some way to weightage your decision to buy either the Philip 530 or Panasonic G60. Regards.

  • nishant

suggestion please
shuld i buy philips 530 or panasonic g60 .please help

  • khanh

i got the phone 4 like a month now. its got a nice big screen and the polyphonic is really loud compared to others i had. games download r support so far but might change with upgrade firmware. cant find a data cable for it so yeh but over all its a gud fone 2 just listen 2 da polyphonic n download pictures. MMS is also supported

  • Aruna

Dear Panasonic,
I would like to know the price of G60.
List of dealers in Hyderabad.
Thank you

  • Hawk

its a sweet phone except it doesnt come with many games

  • jaydj

specs here say it's only dual band but when i asked in a local shop, they said it's triband. which is which ? I would want one, but I need a triband phone.

  • C.P.kothari

All fetuers are good but there is no infra red port if it have the infra red port then it's a very good selling product could be,can you tell me the price the phone reply back thanks.

  • DAWN

i like this mobile but cant recieve my picture msg and download ringtones

  • manilaboy

its already available in the phils for P8,990 (around US$165). just got one yesterday. this is the best 4096 color screen that i have seen. polyphonics are also tops, very loud like samsung although lacks bass. so there is a camera attachment for the phone? haven't seen it yet. phone mem is only 576KB according to the manual. only has 1 game (black jack). still need to find out if downloading of other games is supported.

  • Anonymous

cool fne