Panasonic G60

Panasonic G60

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  • Anonymous

has anyone GOT one yet? ive orderd but all the shops have none in stock. grrr

  • Anonymous

big mistake

  • Haritha

I found out about the price.It costs 240$ which is nearly Rs.10,880. I guess it fits my budget!

  • Haritha

I'm from India and I currently own pan gd55 that I bought just a month ago but now I wonder if I made a mistake.I want to get either g60 or g50 .I don't know why, but I'm really obssessed with pan products.My music system is also of pan.My cell phone suddenly gets switched off sometimes .I tried cutomer care at the official site but the response was poor ,not to mention that it was very late.

  • Moldoveanu Cristian

It's very nice and small

  • vamsee

hello iam very much attracted with this stuff.iam INDIAN can any one from here tell me our indian market price? Is this having only 16 tones? how is n/w sensitivity bcos i had suffered a lot bfore with pan-phones

  • ...

downloads are supported for panasonics.

  • Heynownow

My current phone is a GD75, and even after a year of constant abuse, it performs flawlessly. I wonder whether the G60 can match that track record. Also here in India, the Panasonic morons havent bothered marketing their superb phones well, so there's no support for ringtones/logo downloads. Still confused about my next color phone..if downloads are supported for Panasonics, would buy the G60 in a heartbeat

  • jayman

I just checked out da site and found the g60 page. it says that theres a zoom function in the camera atatchment and there are some examples of the screen savers. they absoloutly ROCK! the fighting stickmen one rules. i cant wait!

  • jayman

Having the camera attachment included was a briliant idea. does anyone knows how the picture quality compares to the motorolas t720i picture quality?


Has anyone actualy got one yet? If anyone has id like to hear a little more about it. It looks great. but whats the photopicture quality like?

  • Michelle McDowell

this phone is released in Belfast now and i'm gettin it 4 christmas. I cant wait. apna's ROCK! :D

  • Michelle McDowell

This is a fantastic brand of phone and it is cheap too. You can buy this at many retail outlets such as Index,argos or even the Link. You can get this phone equipped with a digital camera :)

  • jaymanAGEN

I cant find alot of info at all on this phone. Sum1 plz. you all seem to have stopped talking about it since last month or summin... cmon...

  • jaymanagen

Heellooo... Did this phone al of a sudden cease production without anyone teln me or summin?

  • jayman

Is it out yet? ive ordad it off greatuniversal bt aint getn it delivad til 2wks.

  • Neil Randall

Where can I purchase this phone on 02 'pay as you go'? Anyone know?

  • da bomb

The fone sounds rlly gud.down in Englang its priced 150 so im definatley getting it especially seen as its got a camera with it.I think it sounds great go g60 !!!