Panasonic G60

Panasonic G60

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  • Anonymous

i own a panasonic gd67 at the moment and if the g60 is as good as the gd67 i bet it will be great!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Lettice

I Think This Phone Looks Awesome It has got everything i look for in a mobile phone

  • Simon Riley

This phone is due out at the beginin of september in the u.k. Which really suits the spring time.

  • Anonymous

no infraed port, no jave, even no editor solfware like GD68. poor phone, the memory is so small and not shared. this phone is for to call only

  • Younes

Hi, looks like a verry nice phone to me,
anyone knows when it's availlable in the netherlands? And does anyone know in what price catogorie it will be?
Greetings Younes

  • finners

waitin for release date. when is it?
i live in england and in a catalogue its priced at £150 with camera attachment. e-mail me if u know release date.

  • Tham

My dream phone. It's a real shame that
Panasonic is not bringing it into

I wonder why everyone here is going for
all those sissy-looking Chinaman-type

  • count192

how much does this baby cost?

  • Micro Parasite

panasonic Rock!!!

  • Jamo

Anyone know about this phone's memory?noticed that the cheaper line of pana's product is always have no IrDa and too lack of memory.

  • ponk

How much ?

  • ricks

elegant looking phone. i hope it comes with a password-protected screensaver that is a snap to activate. also, i hope that panasonic improves battery performance before releasing it. will definitely save money for this phone.

  • Anonymous

friendly phone... simple and not complicated.. for all ages.. should be cheap.

  • maseeha

this phone seems to be good looking wat about its much it cost? isit available in asia?..

  • Anonymous

great phone !

  • Scanner

At last, a no nonsense phone. Does anyone know what the storage space is for numbers/text messages is. Does it have a dormant alarm (phone can be off & still sounds). Hopefully people will realise that there is a world beyond Nokia. Hmm!

  • Mike

Extraordinary excellent!!!! Reliable and nice looking... looks nothing like those all the same looking poorly working Nokias!!!

  • Ehab Elgawady

I like all Panasonic mobile phones.
Ehab Elgawady

  • Jakov

Great and 4band-tourist phone.

  • Anonymous

So sweettttttttttttttt I luv it reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy