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Panasonic GD55

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  • Cole

I bought this a GD55 about 6 months ago. I found it hard to use at first but once I got the hang of it I liked it. It's a good size for my pocket...that's why I got one in the first place. But, as mentioned by other users this phone has been unreliable in terms of it's reception and quite frequently the person on the other end of the phone tells me that ''it's breaking up'' as in it's crackly and they can't hear anything I am saying. I think this is a bad reception problem that the phone itself has. The keypad is ok if you have tiny fingers! I like the polyphonic ringtones and the alarm feature is very handy as well. It's a good phone for the cheap price they cost but I would not recommend this brand however.

  • Andrew

Bought the GD55 in June but i think at changing it with a Siemens. GD55 looks great and is easy to use, but there are some faults that can't be overlooked: the sound at incoming calls is poor, there are too many errors in the menu (like when selecting language for broadcasting messages the phone blocks itself and you can only remove the battery and restart). It may be the smallest (even tough Maxon 7290 is smaller) and the sexiest cell but Panasonic should care more for its customers. But the GD55 only for the looks, if you want a smart reliable cell get another !!

  • wireless connections

information on pan. gd 55

  • les

It accepts just one Sim card & each attemts at opening it shows that the Phone code is locked how do i fix this what is the phone code

  • Christine

Yeah,this phone may be the smallest and the sexiest so far.But it has some faults which i think the manufacturer needs to look into.I bought this phone in Kenya and observed the following disadvantages:
1. First,the phone has a very shallow English manual.Some features cannot be used because they have only being mentioned but not elaborated.
2. Unlike this phone,other phones indicate when the characters(usually 160)are over but the with the gd55,one may continue writing and only get shocked to learn that you wrote two,three,four etc messages instead of one. Hence credit ends up getting finished faster than usual.
3. There are no screensavers or wall papers.The only available one is the default gd55 with a lady or the time clock face.How boring.

  • lakshman

ya i bought gd55 recently.. its amazingly small and attractive..i h've been trying to download a polyphonic ringtone from internet .. but i couldnt find panasonic gd55 in the mobile list..plz help me ..suggest good site where i can download a good ringtone

  • leman

I also facing the same problem, i already paid for a rintone and came out on my screen phone icon sign '!'. I know its already there because there is a '!' icon but how do i hear it. I also can't delete the icon sign '!' anymore, please help me to do so.

  • shahid

not receiving picture message and ringtones, please send me detail as ,user of panasonic gd55 in india.

  • maria

even if this phone has a scheduler where it asks the 'start date' and 'start time ' and also the 'end date' and end time' the phone does not ring at the time programed. whi??????????? It is my phone broken????????? I will be very glad if you will send my an e-mail.

thanks a lot!!!!!
Maria from Romania

  • cindy

hi.. i've had the gd55 for a while now but haven't been able to check my voice mail by the phone. i have to use another phone other than the gd55 to check my voice mail. can someone tell me how i check my voice using this cell phone? email me.

  • gaurav oberoi

does anyone know gow to compose ringtones for gd55 since the ringtones cannt be downloaded

  • Angela

Something is wrong with my GD55. I cant hear the caller when they called me, how annoying is that. This phone is less than a year, can anyone help?

  • Andrew Kapisauro

GD55 is just good. The only problem is that some features are not explained. You only get to know them by trial and error

  • kevin

I have gd55 and am in Africa (kenya) but when I try to download the ringtones there is no African country in the list .So please can you give the composing keys for Outkast ..Andre tittle He Ya It would be mmy pleasure if you send me the keys.Thank you in advance

  • tina williams

just to let you know, iv been looking for a panasonic gd 55, i cant find one any where iv tried argos, the link, carfone warehouse, tesco, woolworths, + even rang panasonic customer enq, but have failed. so please can you tell me why your still advertising gd 55 even on your web site. from one very unhappy young lady. if you do manage to locate 1 i would be most greatful if you could e-mail me the whereabouts. thank you.

  • nikki

u can get composer ringtones from (they are only monophonic though) it cannot recieve rintones, the batteries are very rare- and cost about $80 for the pink phone (less for silver) you can get cheapo ones off ebay. to put a name in a group, you have to save it to the phone not the sim, simply press down after you have typed the number in. hope i helped you all! p.s mine is crap, the clip that holds the battery broke, so its held together with sticky tape!

  • ash

Reception has been poor on this phone with some calls dropping.

  • pam t

help i have agd55 and its a greatphone BUT i dont know when i have any viosemail as i get nothing on my display and i dont know how to recall them either please please can you help

  • girish

i have buy one GD 55 but i get a lot of problems for finding its ringtone.

  • jas

how to get melody composer