Panasonic GD55

Panasonic GD55

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  • cherrie

where can i get the ringtone for Panasonic GD55?

  • sarohas

Can anybody help me in composing the ringtones in gd55

  • hendrik

its small and sofisticated, i like

  • Andy Woolley

Very smart bit of kit especially if you are into micro-tec stuff. The fone works very well indeed but I feel it can do more than the manual tells you. It needs a fonewiz to play around with it and find the hidden features then tell the rest of us. The fone also gets a lot of attention when people see it (8.5 out of 10)

  • Jayesh

Dear Sir,

I am currently use GD55 so pls tell me how can i download Ringtones ?.

  • ferry sufendra

Please give me more details of this mobile phone, I like it

  • rezalee

hi, everybody, please, where to get ringtones for gd55, any one can tell me or sent to me some of melody composer for our smallers fhone

  • Jitender Solanki

It is a good phone but i need some accessories information like i need the earphones etc.

  • guyvet

i got some ringtones here! just e-mail me.

  • Muhammad Yasin

i have purchased this set n found this pretty cool.....i only want some ring tones for this set if some body can send me "true composer codes for this GD-55" i will be really really thankfull to him/her. Thanks again, Yasin

  • Anonymous

accept # of games, dont be jealous!!!

  • rosmadi

p/swhere can i get mobile/car charger?

  • Anonymous

this phone is shit dont buy it ull regret u no wot i mean

  • no name

i think this phone looks better than it performs dont get me wrong it works well but theres not many features and its not very good how you can only see 4 lines of text at a time so if your thinking of buying this phone think twice before you make your decision

  • T

hi,can anyone tell me where i can buy a pink front for this phone.if its available.

  • Janelle

i don't know how to take it apart to change case

  • Rico

The smallest ever...easy to carry. Good features.

  • geoffrey is

the phone is the best in the best in the galaxy and is the coolest in the

  • Anonymous

vile looking h/set

  • ke

Hi, Where can i download a manual for Panasonic GD55 (English)????/